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How Vidyard Uses Its Tool to Better Prospect & Close Deals with Jacob Fernandes [FSM Podcast, Ep. 19]

By Myriah Anderson

How Vidyard Uses Its Tool to Better Prospect & Close Deals with Jacob Fernandes [FSM Podcast, Ep. 19]

On today’s episode of the Film School for Marketers podcast, we have special guest Jacob Fernandes who is a Video Coach over at Vidyard.

Jacob brings a ton of experience to the table and is here to offer up ways to use video effectively whether it be with prospecting or closing deals faster.

We’ll be diving into different stages of the sales cycle, how to use video, what Jacob has seen work well for Vidyard and for clients, as well as what to avoid.

Listen to the full episode here (or scroll down to watch the video):


What is Vidyard?

Vidyard is split into two avenues - marketing and sales.

Typically the tool we talk about for 1:1 video prospecting is called GoVideo.

GoVideo is a Chrome extension and it tracks who watches, and how much. You can learn more about it and even download it free here.

In addition to GoVideo and the free tool, there is much more you can do from a marketing and sales perspective which you can learn about here.

What are the best ways to use video to prospect?

In the current space you see a lot of selfie-style videos with whiteboards when leveraging the tool, which is effective, but there are more powerful techniques that add personalization.

For example, try going to LinkedIn and taking a look at what your prospects are liking and sharing and use that as a way to start the conversation.

In that situation, instead of a whiteboard, you’d share your screen while doing a video and have the person's LinkedIn page pulled up.

Make the video as if you stumbled on their LinkedIn page and talk about what you noticed on their page, commonalities, things that stood out, and then tie it into why you’re reaching out.

What you don’t want to do is use video as a tool to pitch right away. You want to use video as a way to connect and build trust first. 

More on techniques like these here. 

For SMBs it’s uncommon to see someone in a Business Development Role (BDR) role as typically Sale Reps themselves are responsible for prospecting.  Is there any difference in the way an average Sales Rep should approach prospecting vs. someone who is a BDR?

It would be an even greater impact for someone who is a Sales Rep because they control the entire relationship.

It’s important to remember video isn’t just for prospecting, it’s a great way to humanize your approach throughout the entire sales process and is the next best thing to communicating in person with a face-face conversation.

What is the most effective way to get the greatest number of videos out when prospecting with video?

If you have hundreds of people that you need to reach out to on a regular basis, 1:1 video can take up a significant amount of time.

One way you can be more effective is by creating more generalized videos by switching out someone's name with saying hey there or you instead of their name. 

Another way is by using a tool that can personalize your videos.

Vidyard has a technology that populates your contact's name on a whiteboard. 

What has been the biggest barrier to getting sales teams to adopt 1:1 video technology and use in their day-to-day conversations?

Doing something new and putting themselves on camera.

A lot of teams also feel that it’s a bigger thing than it needs to be. For instance, setting up a camera coming up with a script when really it’s much easier and should be a way to talk to your audience like you would in a normal conversation.

Don’t be afraid to say things like um, because there is a level of authenticity with a raw video.

We’ve seen from our experience coaching companies that sometimes from a leadership level companies want to be able to audit 1:1 videos to make sure it is on brand. How do you walk and coach people through this?

This is something Jacob has seen with clients too.

One thing he’s seen is organizations conduct training on messaging and how the team should be using video.

There is also a software out there that integrates with GoVideo and will review the transcribed vocabulary of a video before it even gets sent out. If someone says something out of line it won’t send the GoVideo.

The more important thing isn’t auditing every video that gets sent out, but rather putting the right training in place beforehand and providing the right resources to your team.

Is there a common thing you see as a root cause of why some people don’t see success with video?

If you’re prospecting, you’re not going to see results if you aren’t personalizing or tailoring your video to your prospect.

If you aren’t getting email opens it comes back to your subject lines.

The subject line Jacob uses with a 60%+ open rate is [First name], I made this video for you. The length of the video can also impact your success.

It should be 30-45 seconds at first. Don’t feel you have to pitch your values and solutions off the bat, but just making an introduction.

Was there anything you were surprised by from the Vidyard 2019 benchmark report?

The industries that are focusing on video are changing and the length of videos people are doing is cut in half.

We talk about why this was surprising and what it means. We also dive into the report about companies not leveraging the ROI of video and why we think that is.

What would you recommend marketers do to help get buy-in from the sales team on using video?

Sales reps benefit from a library of video assets that can be easily accessed to get them started. You also want to show them how they can see their prospects actions and how they can leverage it in the sales process. 

You also need to show them the success that can come from it, how it can make their jobs easier and how to use it.

What does the future hold for 1:1 video and should we be worried that current tactics will soon be the norm?

At the end of the day, you can try different techniques to stand out, but what really matters most is the value you bring in the video message itself.

Video isn’t going to die out; If anything, people will need to get more creative and personalized with their efforts.

It also doesn’t hurt to still use cold calling alongside your video efforts. If you see someone is watching your video, give them a call right after. That way you can determine if they are interested or not right away instead of wasting your time.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen that aren’t best practice in 1:1 video?

Not being aware of lighting or surroundings. Set yourself up in front of a window or good lighting and if you are in an office that is loud make sure you go somewhere quiet or have a mic that cuts out background noise.

How does GoVideo stack up against competing options in the industry and how do you stand out?

It’s really simple to use, but it's when you get into a professional level that Vidyard stands out.

Vidyard videos are on branded pages that match your site and you’re able to bring people into your ecosystem and link people back to your website.

Vidyard also integrates with several CRMs and marketing platforms. You also get a personal video coach and some of the best customer experience out there.

If you want to get in touch with Jacob you can find him on LinkedIn here. He also shared some great resources which we’ve included below, along with his calendar link for personal coaching with him.

- My Personal Coaching Calendar

- Video for Sales Guide

- Real Time Personalized Video 

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How does your inbound marketing measure up?
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Published on August 13, 2019

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