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Register for IMPACT Live in Hartford CT, October 14-16!

The one and only They Ask, You Answer conference. Reduced rates on sale for a limited time.
Kaitlyn Petro

By Kaitlyn Petro

Dec 30, 2015


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HubSpot Impact Awards: How We Helped PeopleDoc Achieve Their 3 Biggest Goals

Kaitlyn Petro

By Kaitlyn Petro

Dec 30, 2015

HubSpot Impact Awards: How We Helped PeopleDoc Achieve Their 3 Biggest Goals

hubspot-impact-awards.jpgThe HubSpot Impact Awards are back! You may remember our previous blog about our three submissions for COS Innovators of the Year, Best Client Blog Design, and Website Design of the Year. Well, we’re happy to say we placed for all of them and came out on top for two out of the three!


Recently at INBOUND 2015, HubSpot announced that some of these annual Impact Awards were turning into quarterly awards. So you know what that means...more chances for all of us here at IMPACT to represent ourselves amongst the other great HubSpot partners!

This quarter, the five categories include: Client Growth Story, Website Design, Graphic Design, Growth Driven Design, and Integrations Innovation. You can read more about these awards here.

After winning Website Design of the Year during the last round of awards, we decided to give it another shot.

This quarter, we’ve submitted another client website,, in hopes of having history repeat itself.

The PeopleDoc Website Project

PeopleDoc came to us wishing to turn around their lack of lead generation and increase their conversion rate. After putting together a successful inbound marketing plan for them, we knew we needed an awesome website to accompany it.

In only eight short months, their conversion rate increased by 80%.

Here’s how we worked with PeopleDoc to redesign and optimize their website for conversion.

PeopleDoc had three main pain points that needed to be remedied with their website redesign. The redesigned website needed to:

  1. Improve the buyer’s journey.
  2. Showcase their product: an intuitive software.
  3. Give the site an overall facelift to position PeopleDoc as a people-centric and contemporary company.

The new site boasts a number of elements to solve for these major pain points.

The Buyer’s Journey

We started with revamping the site’s buyer’s journey.

On the previous version of the site, it was common for users to hit dead ends without any way to convert into a lead or work their way down the funnel.

The new site has a well-defined journey that gives people plenty of opportunities to take the next steps and get into contact with the company. You can see on all of the pages that there are many links for people to “Learn More” or read a relevant blog article or ebook.

Building the site on top of this strong foundation has resulted in their bounce rate reducing from 53.19% to 46.95%. In only a month, the company also found themselves with more than 11x the number of marketing contacts than they had before our initiatives and redesign.

Highlighting The Product

Once the buyer’s journey was mapped out and finalized, we needed to strategize ways to highlight the user-friendliness of their software.

The old site had outdated screenshots that didn’t really speak to the potential prospect’s question of, “Why do I need this?”

With the new site, we made sure to include beautifully designed snippets of the PeopleDoc software.

For example, we incorporated a GIF right into the value proposition on the main homepage. In this GIF (seen below), you can see someone clicking through and using various parts of the software.

This helps visitors envision themselves using the software, while also showing them how intuitive the interface and functionality are. We’ve worked in other elements like this all throughout the site. 

Humanizing Their Brand

The last pain point we wanted to tackle for this project was giving the site an overall facelift to make PeopleDoc look more current, while still humanizing their brand.

To accomplish this, we made sure to include bits of personality throughout the site, as well as several images of people working together. We wanted to ensure that the website didn’t feel cold and technical like so many software websites can.

We also used a lot of blues and greens in our color palette to evoke a sense of trust and friendliness.

In the end, all of these features helped us position the site and company in the user-friendly light that the team was striving for.


Overall, being able to tackle all of these pain points made for an extremely successful website redesign -- a project that had a positive influence on the client’s metrics and that we are proud to submit for this quarter’s HubSpot Impact Awards.

Wish us well as we await the results of this award that literally has our name written all over it, and have a very happy new year!

Before and After photos of the PeopleDoc website:

Before:            After:
People-Doc-Old-Homepage             People-Doc-New-Homepage

Before:            After:
People-Doc-Old-Homepage-2             People-Doc-New-Homepage-2

See the full PeopleDoc website here.

IMPACT Live Group

Register for IMPACT Live in Hartford CT, October 14-16!

The one and only They Ask, You Answer conference. Reduced rates on sale for a limited time.