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What’s Covered in the Throwdown


Does your messaging resonate with your audience? Is your tone on target? Are your CTAs the best they can be? Learn how your content may or may not be landing with your users.


Are you covering the basics of on-page SEO? Optimized page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and header tags help search engines and AI bring visitors to your site.


Do your visitors know how to take their next step? Without a clear user funnel and form strategy, good-fit prospects could be falling off or getting lost instead of moving forward.   

UX & Design

Is your site design easy to navigate for a first-time user? Are you following best practices for accessibility? If not, you could be causing confusion and frustration.

About Your Hosts

Mary Brown

Mary Brown, Website Strategist

As Lead Web Strategist, Mary guides clients through their website projects. She runs hands-on strategy sessions with clients to create site plans that will deliver the bottom-line results they’re looking for and trains them to manage and continuously optimize the site so they can truly own it in-house after launch.


Vin Gaeta, Head of Web Strategy

Vin has been successfully implementing creative sales and marketing strategies, building long-lasting relationships, and guiding the process for successful website builds since the early days of IMPACT. As Head of Web Strategy, he helps companies create easy-to-manage websites and trains them on the specific areas to focus on that drive real revenue growth from your site.

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