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How to start a successful coaching business

Chapter 4
How to start a successful coaching business

Years ago, IMPACT was a small inbound marketing agency similar to thousands of its competitors. We believed firmly in the inbound principles, but our clients’ results were inconsistent. We dealt with the same challenges that so many agencies experience: lackluster results, client churn, and small profit margins.

Then we found Marcus Sheridan and They Ask, You Answer.

We were blown away.

Marcus’s tiny agency was operating at unheard of profit margins. We saw tremendous case studies — and the clients were doing it all themselves, with Marcus’s guidance.

We saw that They Ask, You Answer was the future of inbound marketing.

It offered a more efficient, repeatable model for inbound success. And it had a growing fanbase.

Rather than doing the work for the clients and seeing only marginal success, we would be coaching our clients to do the work themselves.

Suddenly, we were different from every other HubSpot agency. We were They Ask, You Answer coaches. And people took notice.

Still, it took us years to perfect the way we coached our clients through They Ask, You Answer. But with each passing month, with each new client, we were able to grow and improve.

Today, the bulk of our revenue comes from They Ask, You Answer coaching.

To start a successful coaching business, you need two things: A guide and a framework

There are many coaching models you can utilize with your clients. Whichever model you choose to adopt, take the time to master it before you take it live with your customers.

Work with a mentor who can guide you to mastery and evaluate your progress.

The master coach is subtle and perceptive, able to ask the precisely right question so that discussion moves into more fruitful territory. The master coach provides the right feedback, stays silent when that’s what’s required, and is trusted instinctively.

This kind of wisdom does not come overnight.

Therefore, be sure to work with experts who pay keen attention to your growth, watch you in role-plays, and offer you the right feedback to get better.

That way, when you’re asked to play the role of master coach with your clients, you’re ready to be the guide they need.

Becoming a certified They Ask, You Answer coach

IMPACT trains agencies and consultants to become certified They Ask, You Answer coaches.

Our intensive, 12-month program offers hands-on learning, rich discussion, and role-plays — as well as direct, personalized feedback from master coaches. You’ll learn a proven framework already trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

Becoming a certified They Ask, You Answer coach is a transformative and immersive learning experience that can fundamentally alter the way you run your business and serve your clients.

If you’ve struggled with thin profit margins, unhappy clients, and frustrated employees in the past, They Ask, You Answer coaching offers a new way forward that benefits all parties. Your clients will be more successful and self-determined — and your agency will operate with better profit margins and at a more sustainable pace.

Talk with a program coordinator to learn more.

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