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Standing out in a crowded field

Standing out in a crowded field

The business leader looking for an inbound marketing agency sees thousands of options that look pretty much the same.

Every agency website includes slight variations on the same pitch:

  • Impressing visitors with the team’s wealth of experience and tireless work ethic.
  • But also, showing evidence of creative problem solving to prove they’re not stodgy.
  • Dazzling would-be customers with scrolling logos from past happy customers, one or two of which the visitor may have actually heard of.
  • Rounding it out with humble brags about their HubSpot partner level, awards, social proof, and certifications that help convey their expertise.

If a prospect landed on your site, could they find what makes you different from 20 other agencies of similar size?

Or, perhaps the better question is this: Can you clearly articulate why you’re a better option when the other options look interchangeable?

Of course, every agency is different, but most are working from the same playbook: You hire us to deliver results. As a result, the differences between agencies look insignificant to an outsider.

How can your agency stand out in such a crowded field?

For agencies looking for a differentiator in a crowded marketplace, offering a proven, reputable coaching framework allows you to expand your offerings and supplement the way you work with clients.

Suddenly you’re not like every other small agency: You offer something different. Whether you call it executive coaching, consulting, team training, or mentorship, coaching services can provide your clients with new, more effective paths to success.

Rather than being stuck in an endless cycle of unhappy clients ready to churn, you can serve more clients more efficiently, operating on longer, more lucrative engagements.

Coaching services provide greater value — and better profit margins

Offering coaching services provides your agency with a valuable opportunity — and a new way of serving your clients. Rather than being implementation specialists who write content, build landing pages, and schedule emails for your clients, you can instead become strategic specialists, empowering clients to do the work themselves.

You’ll provide the strategy and expertise, the clients provide the execution.

The typical coach charges around $2,500 per month for ongoing consulting services, meeting with clients between two and four times each month.

A larger undertaking could involve full-scale coaching and training for inbound marketing for $5,000-$10,000 monthly, with around 10 sessions per month. For this, the agency would utilize specialists to offer instruction in the finer points of inbound marketing like content creation and marketing automation.

The beauty of coaching services is that they don’t need to replace your implementation work. It’s another option you can offer your clients — one that’s more profitable and less labor-intensive.

It doesn't have to be coaching versus implementation. It can be both/and.

Higher caliber results

When clients do the work themselves and adhere to a proven framework, the results outpace those of typical inbound marketing initiatives.

Those clients know their business, their competitors, their customers, and their industry better than any outside agency ever could. With the right training, they can speak to those customers in a style that matches their brand.

Without agency bureaucracy holding them back, they can produce content faster and move more nimbly.

We regularly see clients we coach produce 150 articles and 100 videos per year. When they used to work with an agency, they’d get less than a third of that.

More content means more traffic, better leads, and more productive sales meetings.

In the long run, these clients are paying less and getting more. And, with the correct framework, their efforts are right on target.

They don’t just see traffic go up. They’re bringing in more revenue. Substantially more revenue.

For the agency guiding this growth, the benefits are numerous: higher profit, better margins, happier employees, and more stability.

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