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How does your inbound marketing measure up?
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Are You Making the Most of Your Email Marketing?

By Kaitlyn Macri

Are You Making the Most of Your Email Marketing?


Are You Making the Most of Your Email Marketing?Email is an easy and inexpensive tool that you should be using in your inbound marketing campaign. Even if you are using it, you might be wondering why you don't have high open or click-through rates.

Email is an extremely important communication channel for your company.

The average clickthrough rate for triggered emails is more than double the rate for mass emails. Don't let your emails end up in the trash before they're even opened.

Magill research estimated that "marketers earned $39 for every $1 they spent on email marketing in 2012." That's a really great profit, so do yourself a favor and fix your email marketing.

Email Marketing Tips

Unfortunately not every one is sending emails that are inbox friendly and personalized. Certain words and the length and context of your subject line can land your email in the spam folder. Here are 12 email marketing tips to get your emails read and out of your contacts spam folder.

    1. Have an attention grabbing subject line.

    1. Send it from an actual person rather than just "Company A."

    1. Include design elements that reflect your company's style.

    1. Make it personalized by putting your recipients first name in the greeting.

    1. Segment your email lists into leads and customers so you don't send them the same emails.

    1. Make sure your first sentence briefly addresses the offer.

    1. Have an obvious call-to-action.

    1. Include a related image to grab attention.

    1. Put social sharing buttons in the email.

    1. Place a secondary call-to-action at the bottom of the email.

    1. Include a link to your privacy policy.

    1. Make sure there is an unsubscribe link for those who don't want to get your awesome emails.

Mobile and Browser Versions

Not everyone opens their email on their computer. In fact, Litmus Email Analytics found that 38% of email is now opened on a mobile device, with 33% for desktop and 29% for webmail. This means you need to make sure your email is optimized for mobile.

If someone opens your email on their mobile device and it doesn't show up properly, they are just going to delete your email, unsubscribe or filter them as spam. And who wants that to happen.

A browser version is also necessary to include in your email. Sometimes people have rendering problems, so a browser version will allow them to see the email the way they are supposed to.

[display_fullsize]view in browser[/display_fullsize]


view in browser


Trigger Emails vs. Business As Usual Emails

Trigger emails are messages that are sent automatically in response to a prospect's behavior. They are increasingly being used because companies are starting to realize that they work. When someone is on your website browsing a certain topic, a trigger email can be sent to provide that person with more information and research about the topic. Making the experience personalized for each visitor and contact.

A business as usual email is just a broad email sent out to everyone in the company's contact list. These emails can include anything from product updates, the release of products, company updates and others.

According to a 2012 report from Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association, "click rates for triggered message are a whopping 119% higher than “business as usual” messages." There's no question that trigger emails work, and they are definitely worth trying.

Start fixing your emails today and you'll definitely see a difference in your email marketing open and click through rates. Contacts will look forward to reading your emails.

Free Assessment:

How does your inbound marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.


Published on May 28, 2013