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IMPACT+ Free vs. IMPACT+ Pro: What's the difference?

“What’s the difference?” is the most common question we are asked about IMPACT+ memberships. Here’s the difference between a Free and Pro membership.

IMPACT+ Free vs. IMPACT+ Pro: What's the difference? Blog Feature

Connor DeLaney

Member Success Manager, 2+ Years of Content Marketing Strategy & Project Management

July 2nd, 2021 min read

A great chef once said, “Anyone can cook!” (Yes … that great chef is Auguste Gusteau from Ratatouille, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant or true!) 

The same goes for learning. Virtually anyone can learn something new or advance a skill with the right tools in place. 

IMPACT+ exists to help you achieve that for your business. As Remy looked to Gusteau for guidance, IMPACT+ is your guide to digital sales and marketing success. 

The best part? 

Pretty much anyone with an email address can sign up for a free IMPACT+ account and get started right away – but IMPACT+ Free is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to experience the full power of IMPACT+, you’ll want to upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro.

Now, it goes without saying that yes, of course, I believe in our platform and believe in the offer that we have put on the table with our paid membership. Why wouldn’t I say that IMPACT+ is great? So, let me explain why I think it’s so valuable. 

Back when I started here at IMPACT, I was pretty new to inbound. In hindsight, I know how valuable this platform would have been for me as someone who was just getting started, whether I was a Free or Pro member. It’s something I would’ve invested money in. 

But wait, I hear you say, if IMPACT+ Free is so great, why would I need a Pro membership? What are the differences between IMPACT+ Free and IMPACT+ Pro? In this article, I’m going to compare Free to Pro and walk you through how you can excel with either a Free or Pro account. 

What’s the difference between IMPACT+ Free and IMPACT+ Pro?

You get more with IMPACT+ Pro. Surprise! 🎉

Free accounts get access to essential, introductory courses and lesson content, select event keynotes and breakout sessions, our open community forums, and a personal version of the digital sales and marketing scorecard, which helps you track your progress within the platform. 

For $79 per month or $699 per year, Pro accounts get unlimited access to:

  • All courses and lesson content.
  • All upcoming events and past event recordings.
  • Exclusive mastermind groups.
  • Enhanced scorecards, planning periods for progression tracing, and greater team functionality.

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For a quick visual breakdown of IMPACT+ Free vs IMPACT+ Pro as of June 29, 2021:




Total Courses and Lessons included



Total Event Sessions included



Tickets to Future Events



Access to Mastermind Groups



Team Functionality



There’s actually this much stuff in IMPACT+? 

Should I care about all this stuff? 

How am I supposed to keep up with all these features? I’m only one human! 

I know, I know. So let’s take the time to dive a bit deeper into each of these five sections of IMPACT+.

Courses and lessons

IM+ Course content-1

Courses are a core building block of IMPACT+. Not every member of IMPACT+ is a perfect fit for our coaching and training, but IMPACT+ courses give you the opportunity to work on those same strategies on your own and at your own pace. 

They take the fundamental principles from They Ask, You Answer and other proven strategies we teach our clients and put them into practice through actionable, entertaining content.

Connor is on fire!I’m just trying to talk about sponsorships over here ...

Which raises the question: What’s the main difference between the courses available in Free and Pro, and how do they work together?

Think of them as a school curriculum. When you are getting started, you take courses that teach the fundamental strategies and principles that help build the foundation and give you a clearer picture of where you will be going next. Those strategies and principles are brought to life in our Free courses, through content such as:

Once you have those foundational principles in place, you move up to the higher-level subjects that come with a Pro membership. These are the advanced courses and lessons that focus on specific elements by job role and strategy. 

Some of the courses included with Pro that take those foundational principles to a deeper level include: 

Long story short, if you start with Free, that makes perfect sense and will set you up for success. Eventually, however, you’ll hit a wall when you go through all the beginner content and you won’t get the more in-depth knowledge you need to take your success to the next level.

Upcoming events and session recordings

What better way to learn the latest strategies, trends, and industry insights while hearing from some of the industry’s top voices than to attend an event with your peers.

With any IMPACT+ membership, you get access to not only all of our upcoming events planned for 2021 and beyond, but you also get access to hundreds of past sessions from keynote speakers David Meerman Scott, Yamini Rangan, Ann Handley, Donald Kelly, Marcus Sheridan, and more. 

With IMPACT+ Free, you get access to select introductory webinars and smaller-scale workshops as well as keynote and breakout sessions that help reinforce some of the most important principles and strategies we teach in a new format. 

With IMPACT+ Pro, you get everything included in Free plus access to all our past event sessions and a ticket to all of our future events, including our biggest event of the year, Digital Sales & Marketing World

With the incredible past speakers that are included in our IMPACT+ events section, you can gain access to invaluable talks that are not only inspirational but also progressive and actionable — often for less than it would cost to attend one of those events with IMPACT+ Pro.

Mastermind Groups

One of the most valuable aspects of IMPACT+ is our role-based mastermind groups. While Free members get access to our free community forums in IMPACT+ that focus on specific skills or roles, a Pro membership unlocks a mastermind group seat.

Masterminds are niche groups led by a subject matter expert on the IMPACT team that meets each month for candid discussions to help each other learn, grow, and succeed in their roles. These groups are ~20 members in size and are determined by your role at your organization. 

Although the communities are great for asking questions and engaging with larger groups of members, mastermind groups are designed to help you: 

  • Advance your skillset beyond what you’ve learned in courses.
  • Connect and share experiences, successes, and failures for collective growth.
  • Gain feedback from others who are in a similar position with unique perspectives.

You’ll experience all of this in a more individual, person-to-person way. 

The list of mastermind groups include:

Your IMPACT subject matter expert will facilitate discussions, encourage activities for your day-to-day work, and keep you accountable for your professional growth. 

Team functionality

Teams do their best work when they are aligned and focused on the same goals and objectives. IMPACT+ can help your team do that. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to create a team in IMPACT+. That way, you can invite your team members to the platform and get everyone set up, absolutely free!

Once everyone is in IMPACT+, you can communicate directly with them in the platform and even track metrics that your team has set through our strategic business tools.

With a free membership, you are able to fill out your personal scorecard based on our They Ask, You Answer scorecard. This will allow you to see where you are currently; however, you can’t take further action individually, nor can you share it with your team.

With Pro, you unlock full functionality with the scorecard, which will allow you to: 

  • Get aligned on where your company is struggling the most.
  • Identify clear action steps for what you will need to do next.
  • Set up metrics to track the progress that your whole team can see.
  • Build a timeline for when those need to be completed.

Here’s how it would work:

Let’s say you are the leader of an organization and you want to begin implementing They Ask, You Answer. You have a marketing manager and a sales rep on your team who are bought in and want to help.

When each member of your team has a Pro membership, you can assign them to take the They Ask, You Answer scorecard to see where you rank at that moment. 

Scorecard Scroll through

Once each of you completes the scorecard, you will then be given a clear picture of your areas for improvement, along with clear actions for how to improve those scores. 

Your team can then set personal and team performance goals to grow those metrics and track against those metrics over a specific period of time using the planning period functionality. 

All of that is in one place and you can now couple that with the training and resources included in the platform to help grow your business and achieve your goals. 

Is IMPACT+ Pro worth it?

Well, that is for you to answer. Lots of our members have successfully leveraged our communities and free membership content to get the results they need. That could certainly be your future as well, especially if the money isn’t there for you to invest in your growth right now. 

On the other end, you’ll eventually hit a wall where you need more specifics, more rapid growth, and new insights that are only available to Pro members.

We know the investment can sound high upfront, but if you consider the cost of advanced courses in the industry (upward of $100 each), tickets to future events ($50-$300 each on the low end), mastermind groups (easily $100 or more), and team tracking and progress functionality (more $$$), I would argue that $79 doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

Everyone deserves to learn, grow, and succeed in their business. Don’t let yourself sit on the sidelines while others get ahead and drive results.

See you in IMPACT+.

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