Blogging works better when you write about topics your buyers care about.

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Blogging works better when you write about topics your buyers care about.
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Blogging works better when you write about topics your buyers care about.
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44 Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours in 2022

By Ramona Sukhraj

44 Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours in 2022

A landing page is no ordinary website terrain. 

Like an alien discovering a new planet, a prospect lands there looking to "make contact." It's exciting at least it is to a marketing nerd like me — and yet, despite this excitement, it's easy to end up phoning it in. 

You have a new offer, grab your go-to landing page template, clone the same form you use again and again. ... Where's the sense of adventure? Where's the creative exploration that makes a visitor actually want to convert? How can you make your own landing pages sing?

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The landing page examples I share below span the lines of B2B, B2C, and a wide range of industries and offerings.

Although many roundups focus just on big brands (and I certainly include them as well), I've also gone the extra mile to share impressive landing pages from small and medium-sized businesses that have stricter budgets. 

What all of them have in common, however, is they all feature unique designs to get your creative juices flowing and use savvy best practices to supercharge your lead generation efforts.

 Blogging works better when you write about topics your buyers care about.

What should a landing page include?

A landing page is a website page that exists for the sole purpose of collecting information from a user for a specific offer, usually via a form on the page, but not always. 

Truly great landing pages are those that clearly define their value to the audience and generate leads through their form. But the most effective way to do this depends on your specific audience, brand and industry.

Many great landing page designs (including several of the examples below) incorporate features such as:

  • An explainer video further detailing the offer and its value. (This is part of The Selling 7 videos all businesses should have in their strategy.)

    🎓 Learn more: How to create landing page videos that convert
  • Relatable photos of people to help the visitor envision themselves after getting the offer.
  • Social proof to back up the brand's claims.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions to reduce objections and friction.
  • Compelling, concise copy.
  • An explanation of  "what to expect" after the form has been submitted.

How should you structure your landing page? That can vary, so use A/B testing to experiment.

To make sure we're offering you the best possible variety, we're including app landing pages, subscription offers, examples of sales landing pages, and more.  

Below each landing page example in this piece, I've included a summary of what the brand did right, so you can get ideas of what to include in your own design to increase conversions and overall success.

Great landing page examples for 2022

1. Amazon


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a clear and concise value proposition and call-to-action.
  • Lets video do the talking before breaking things down in copy.
  • Copy focuses on the value to the user/customer in just a few words.
  • Several friendly, relatable images show a diverse audience.
  • Highlights key features with reviews to support their claims.
  • Social proof includes real photos and social media handles to show authenticity.
  • Answers frequently asked questions upfront.

2. Billy Ragan Roofing*

*Editor's Note: Billy Ragan Roofing is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a video showing a real team member. This humanizes the brand and starts building trust with the target audience.
  • Sets expectations by explaining exactly what happens after you fill out the form.
  • Details each step of the process.
  • Incorporates high-quality, relevant imagery with people.
  • Includes live chat, should the visitor have immediate questions. 

3. Uber


How they got it right:

  • Headline included that speaks to a common user pain point – work schedule flexibility.
  • Form is placed high up on the page to avoid being missed and also giving visitors the opportunity to convert right away if they wish.
  • Incorporates clear and concise copy.
  • Highlights the three biggest reasons to convert.
  • Makes use of a big visual of a friendly, relatable person.  

4. EF Ultimate Break


How they got it right:

  • Uses enticing, high-quality imagery that aligns perfectly with the offer and messaging.
  • Includes social proof which, for such an eyebrow-raising offer, is extremely important for combating objectives or confusion.
  • Shows answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Creates a sense of urgency by including a time limit.


5. Snapchat


How they got it right:

  • Landing page incorporates video.
  • Explains exactly what you're getting above the fold.
  • Bold, on-brand use of color.
  • Use animated graphics to illustrate functionality.
  • Shows brand logos to incorporate social proof. 

6. Sticker Mule

HubSpot Video

How they got it right:

  • Uses dynamic animation to catch your eye and guide you down the page.
  • Uses playful, on-brand copy to explain the value of the offer.
  • Incorporates a call-to-action at eye level when you arrive on the page.
  • Landing page features a high-quality, entertaining video sharing more background on the product.
  • Includes social proof in the form of buyer reviews. They even include real photos. 
  • Gives "next steps" in the form of suggested recipes.

7. MasterClass


How they got it right:

  • Capitalizes on video in its hero section.
  • Leads with a clear and concise value proposition so you know exactly what you're getting in just a few words.
  • As you scroll, it details the tangibles. 
  • Landing page includes a testimonial with a headshot.
  • Includes social share links.
  • Recommends additional content.

8. HelloFresh


How they got it right:

  • Includes a high-contrast call-to-action in the hero section.
  • Uses romantic flourishes that align with the "date night" offer to guide your eye down the page.
  • Tells you exactly how the process works and what you'll find in the box to eliminate friction.
  • Uses co-marketing/influencer marketing to its advantage by including photos and quotes from Jessica Alba to urge people to convert.
  • Effective uses blocking to separate the important sections of the page and, again, guide your eye.
  • Landing page design uses real, relatable imagery that aligns perfectly with the messaging.

9. Amazon Primelanding-page-example-amazon


How they got it right:

  • Call-to-action placed at the top of the landing page, so it can't be missed.
  • Uses video to humanize the offer and explain its value in a more dynamic way (view above). 
  • Stars of the movie featured for a touch of influencer marketing.
  • Messaging uses exclusivity and incentives to encourage conversion. It also speaks directly to Prime users.
  • Page ends by funneling visitors to related products (alternative conversion opportunities).

10. Sheffield Metals International*

*Editor's Note: Sheffield Metals International is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a video showing a real team member.
  • Copy is concise and pointed.
  • Landing page design removes all distractions, including links and popups.
  • Bold call-to-action button stands out on the page and guides the eye.

11. Zenefits


How they got it right:

  • Bold, clear headline telling you exactly what the offer is.

  • Single-field form above the fold, making landing page conversion as easy as possible.
  • Bulleted list details exactly what the checklist covers.
  • Large visuals show you the offer, including several shots of the actual pages.

12. Office Interiors*

*Editor's Note: Office Interiors is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Includes a video featuring a real team member explaining the value of the guide, and what happens after you fill out the form.

  • Bulleted list reiterating what is included in the guide.
  • Includes a large visual of what the guide looks like.
  • Removes all navigation to keep the focus on the offer at hand.
  • Includes live chat, so a visitor can reach out immediately should they have additional questions or concerns.
  • Uses the brand's orange to give the form contrast against the rest of the page.

13. Basecamp



How they got it right:

  • Minimal design, featuring an inviting animated character that is extremely on-brand.

  • Headline uses social proof, telling you how many companies have signed up in the last week. 

  • Conversion friction reduced by offering a 60-day free trial and not requiring a credit card to sign up.

  • Common questions and objectives addressed above the fold on the landing page.

Basecamp Bonus:


How they got it right:

  • Shows how their platform can help you improve efficiency and get it together.
  • Utilizes customer testimonials and exact numbers.
  • Allows you to sign up with just an email address or a Google account.

14. TBS


How they got it right:

  • Copy is short and sweet, giving you all of the details of the sweepstakes in as few words as possible. 
  • Lets video do much of the talking by featuring it in the landing page hero area. It has does a great job of humanizing the offer by having a thumbnail of a person. (Lucky for them, this also happens to be a celebrity.)

  • Shows you exactly what you will get the chance to win if you fill out the form on the page.

15. Applied Educational Systems*

*Editor's Note: Applied Educational Systems is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Landing page features a clear, direct, action-oriented value proposition.
  • Includes a video with a real-life team member.
  • Sets expectations by detailing what happens after you fill out the form.
  • Addresses common objections and questions upfront.
  • Incorporates social proof with a quote, image, and name of a real customer.

16. Codecademy


How they got it right:

  • Design above the landing page fold is simple and free of distractions, using a clear headline, great use of white space, a relevant image and a form with a bright red CTA button.

  • Feature to log in with Facebook or Google+ lowers the barrier to conversion.

  • Uses video from a real student to answer a common question, "How can coding help you?"

17. Berry Insurance* 

*Editor's Note: Berry Insurance is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Leads with an action-oriented headline telling you exactly what you get on this landing page.

  • Headline contrasts well against an on-brand green hero area.
  • Video in the hero area has an animated thumbnail to draw the visitor's eye and encourage them to click.
  • Video features a real team member telling you exactly what happens after you fill out the form.
  • Copy reiterates the information in the video making, not only driving home the message but making the page more accessible to those with vision or hearing impairments. 
  • Includes live chat, so a visitor can reach out immediately should they have additional questions or concerns. 

18. Patreon


How they got it right:

  • Includes a bold, emotion-driven headline in the hero area.

  • Subheader incorporates powerful social proof to let you know others are benefiting from this offer.
  • Includes a bold red call-to-action button that contrasts well on the white landing page.
  • Details benefits of the offer to local businesses' specific needs in simple, easy-to-understand terms.
  • Includes social proof, naming real local businesses that already use Patreon.

19. Litchfield Builders*

*Editor's Note: Litchfield Builders is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Includes a video with a real team member telling you what will happen after you fill out the form.
  • Removes all navigation to keep the focus on the form and content on the page.

  • Includes certifications and awards as social proof of their claims.



How they got it right:

  • Leads with social proof directly in the value proposition.
  • Landing page design incorporates a well-produced video that not only highlights the value of the newsletter but also shows humor and personality, as well as real team members.
  • Sets expectations.
  • Shows past examples to show the reader what they're getting.
  • Includes social proof in the form of reader quotes.
  • Short, easy-to-complete form. 

21. Todoist


How they got it right:

  •  Saying “over 2 million people are doing amazing things with Todoist” provides social proof and probes the question “Why aren’t you?”
  • Clicking the bright red button pops up the form that says “Sign up in seconds” and allows you to sign in with an existing Google+ account. This makes it clear that converting is simple and not intimidating. 

  • Background image incorporated in the landing page design scrolls through short videos showing scenarios where you could use the app. It also gives you a glimpse of what it looks like on different devices.

22. River Pools & Spas*

*Editor's Note: River Pools & Spas is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • High contrasting headline telling exactly what you get from the offer.
  • Headline written in a friendly, human voice.
  • Short, concise copy explaining the value of the offer.

  • Landing page design includes a video going into greater detail about the value of the offer.
  • Call-to-action button is bright orange, drawing the user's eye directly to it and the accompanying copy "I'm ready to learn!"

23. Vivino


How they got it right:

  • Use of red stands out on the black background and draws the mental connection to wine, Vivino's main product.

  • Headline is simple, concise, and gives you the most important reason to download their app.

  • Three-step area in the landing page design highlights the simplicity of the app, which otherwise could be a barrier to entry for older folks who enjoy wine but aren’t tech-savvy.

24. Industrial Packaging*

*Editor's Note: Industrial Packaging is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Includes a video with a real team member.
  • Bulleted lists and bolding draw your eye to key information in the page's copy.

  • Details exactly what to expect after you fill out the landing page form.
  • Includes the option to call and speak to a real person with one click of a button if on mobile.

25. Trulia


How they got it right:

  • Copy and form are centered in the middle of the screen and contrast nicely with the darker background. This is clearly the focus. 

  • Headline asks a question that their ideal persona has, and the CTA offers the answer. 

  • Image of a woman sitting on her couch with papers spread everywhere and her laptop on her lap is relatable – implying that you won’t need to hassle with the papers if you simply download your personalized report.

26. Shopify


How they got it right:

  • "Trusted by over 150,000 businesses worldwide" and the publications under the video serve as excellent social proof to reduce doubt and improve credibility.
  • Bullet points are clear and easily digestible.
  • Explainer video featured in the landing page design provides visitors with a look at what they can expect from Shopify without having to read through a ton of dense copy. 
  • Form only asks for the essentials. 
  • Call-to-action employs a contrasting color and has clear, offer-specific copy. 

27. Applause


How they got it right:

  • Between the header and the bullet points, users know exactly what to expect with the form.
  • Form is above the landing page fold and it's stacked into three columns, which helps to shorten the page and make it feel more manageable. 
  • The line, "Don't worry. We respect your privacy,"  is reassuring and helps build trust.
  • Combination of logos from existing customers and real-life faces with featured tweets serves as great social proof. Although people are often skeptical of testimonials, real tweets provide visitors with the contact information of those endorsing the brand so they can reach out if they have a question about their experience with the product/service. 

28. California Pools & Landscape*

*Editor's Note: California Pools & Landscape is an IMPACT Client


How they got it right:

  • Uses eye-catching and aspirational video to grab your attention.
  • Hero visual includes people to help the visitor envision themselves in a pool from the company.
  • Landing page design includes a video with a real team member.
  • Video details the process that occurs after you fill out the form.

29. Post Click


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a clear, concise, and direct headline.
  • White call-to-action button stands out against the dark hero area.
  • Adds copy ("It takes less than 5 minutes") to emphasize the ease of converting.
  • Call-to-action uses value-focused copy, "Get my insights."
  • Details what happens after you fill out the form in three simple steps.
  • Simple graphics and copy incorporated into the landing page design show what is included in your analysis.
  • Explains what sets their analysis apart from that of others.
  • Includes live chat, so a visitor can reach out immediately should they have additional questions or concerns. 

30. LaborSync*

*Editor's Note: LaborSync is a former IMPACT client.


How they got it right:

  • Could the header be any more clear? Honestly?
  • The form adheres to the "3-5 field" rule of thumb to help lower the barrier to conversion.
  • Subscribe checkbox on the form helps grow their subscriber list. For more on how this small inclusion can impact your growth, check out this article from HubSpot
  • Author bio featured in the landing page design works to establish trust and credibility by including a picture and clearly defining credentials. 
  • Warm orange button contrasts nicely against the cool blue background to draw the reader's eye.

31. Drift


How they got it right:

  • Tells you right off the bat their SaaS will help your sales team generate more leads, schedule more meetings or consultations, while also helping you close more deals faster.
  • Gives you the opportunity to try before you buy through a 14-day trial.
  • Includes a testimonial as a prominent part of the landing page design. 
  • Own tool used on the page.

32. Quick Sprout


How they got it right:

  • Tells you exactly who is going to teach you (Neil Patel), what he’s going to teach (how to increase your search traffic, how to generate social traffic without using ads and link building tactics) and how you can get access to the webinar (filling out the form).
  • Makes the webinar feel more intimate and one-on-one with language like, “I want Neil to teach me how to grow my business.”
  • Short and to the point.

33. Unbounce


How they got it right:

  • Large image tells you exactly what you’re going to get: An ebook that will help you generate more conversions without increasing your budget.
  • Landing page highlights offer's value in quick, easy-to-read way.
  • Includes social proof in the form of logos of the publications its advice and work has been used to publish. 

34. Slack


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a video in the hero section of the landing page showing you how simple Slack is. 
  • Highlights all of its major features. 
  • Includes a compelling, aspirational value proposition.

35. LastPass


How they got it right:

  • Explains how easy it is to set up and start using it with three simple steps.
  • Details the product's value using easy-to-understand icons and clear copy.
  • Doesn't include a form, taking an unconventional, less aggressive approach.

36. Zoom


How they got it right:

  • Keeps the form as minimal as possible; only one field to get started.
  • Micro-text makes it clear that they only want business email addresses, helping to keep their contact database clean of unqualified leads. 
  • Leaves no stone unturned as to what’s included in their web conferencing system.
  • Displays examples of how your screen could look when you’re video conferencing; a big differentiator.
  • Uses live chat to help you answer any questions you have while browsing their page.

37. Plated


How they got it right:

  • Landing page design learly highlights their plans.
  • Makes it really easy for you to select how many meals you’d like to receive each week.
  • Testimonials assure you that what you’re getting will be as tasty as the company claims.

38. Magnolia Market


Although a majority of Magnolia Market is a retail space, they also have “The Magnolia Home,” where you can stay on vacation.

How they got it right:

  • Tells you exactly what dates are available.
  • Displays real, customer-generated photos from stays that help you picture yourself staying in the home and treating it as your own.
  • Makes it easy to book your stay.
  • Landing page design incorporates a secondary conversion point to subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about the House and Market.

39. Bombfell


How they got it right:

  • Makes process look easy by outlining four simple steps.
  • Reduces friction by making it clear you’re only paying for the clothes you like, nothing you don’t and no styling fees.
  • Real photos showcase the box you receive and some of the items you might receive as well.

40. Wayfair


How they got it right:

  • Clearly guides user to a next step, whether it be getting started, managing an existing registry, or finding a friend's.
  • Adds transparency by highlighting brands they’re featuring.
  • Logos also act as social proof.
  • Tells you exactly why you should consider them over larger, more established options such as Macy's or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

41. Square


How they got it right:

  • Incorporates video prominently as part of the landing page design.
  • Friendly, relating hero image.
  • Visitors self-qualify by picking what type of business they are and whether their revenue is above or under $250,000. Page is then personalized to fit their needs.
  • Features testimonials from companies similar to the visitor's, making it easy for them to see how your company could be impacted.

42. Yale Appliance*

*Editor's Note: Yale Appliance is an IMPACT client.

How they got it right:

  • Big, beautiful imagery in the landing page design's hero grabs your attention.
  • Incorporates a call-to-action button right into the hero.
  • Make it easy for the user to self-identify and take the next steps that fit their needs.

43. HubSpot

landing-page-example-hubspotHow they got it right:

  • Short and concise.
  • Tells exactly what you’re getting.
  • Builds emotional value (“saving countless hours”) with its copy.
  • Video and image feed provide a preview of the templates you’re going to receive.
  • A hello bar allows you to easily access the resource and delivers social proof, saying “join the other 75,000+ companies” that have already downloaded the offer.

44. Salesforce


How they got it right:

  • Short and sweet.
  • Offer is clear in value proposition.
  • Incorporates social proof, including Norton Security and copy such as "World's #1 CRM."
  • Capitalizes on social login to simplify conversion.  

Want more help creating pages that convert? We have an article dedicated to examples of pricing pages we love that you should check out.

Blogging works better when you write about topics your buyers care about.


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