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Buyers Want to Control the Way They Make a Purchase

Buyers Want to Control the Way They Make a Purchase

Picture this: You walk into a big box store and immediately are met by someone wearing a vest that matches the store’s colors. “Can I help you?” No, you say. And continue on your way to the electronics section. You’re buying a new TV.

Here it is. That wall of screens playing the same loop of footage.


You know the size you want, you know your budget. But you’re not sure about a few differing features between two or three top brands.

Now you flag down a passing employee who clearly specializes in this section.

“Can you tell me about backlight LEDs?”

In the digital age, buyers want to control the way they make a purchase. If a sales rep reaches out at the wrong time — usually too early — they’ll back off, feeling like they’re being pushed before they’re ready.

Inbound sales is a customer-centric method of selling that’s aligned with the way people want to buy. Instead of cold calls and email blasts, you speak with good-fit prospects who are eager to move forward.

Sound too good to be true? This guide will put you on a path to inbound sales success, which will benefit both you and your buyer.

Let’s dive in.

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