Your website isn’t just a marketing tool, it should be your best sales tool. So, how do you turn your website into a lead generating machine that helps you close deals faster? Join IMPACT’s Stacy Willis for this 45-minute webinar where she will show you:

  • How to address the essential questions your buyers are asking.
  • How to build your website for assignment selling.
  • How to involve the sales team in creating content for your website.

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Stacy Willis

Director of Web Strategy & Design, IMPACT

Stacy received her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from San Diego State University.

Stacy is passionate about presenting ideas and conveying a vision. She enjoys designing and employing creative visuals to complement strong presentations. She is continuously driven to educate and provide obtainable, accessible information to an audience.

As a strategist at IMPACT, Stacy loves solving problems for clients and has significant experience working and interacting with customers. She is dedicated to providing a positive customer experience and building strong client relationships.

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