Video allows you to build trust, communicate clearly, and shorten your sales cycle. It's more effective than you realize — and easier to get started than you think.

IMPACT Revenue & Features Editor, John Becker sits down with Digital Sales & Marketing Coach, Devon McCarty to talk about how the pros integrate video into every aspect of the sales process, from initial outreach to final closure.


Devon McCarty

Digital Sales & Marketing Coach


Digital Sales & Marketing Coach, Devon McCarty, leads with his sleeves up. Devon works with sales, marketing, and leadership teams to understand the value of and to implement their digital sales and marketing strategies.

With a love of mentorship and teaching, he's known for his energy, optimism, and his ability to make virtually anyone he works with comfortable in just a few minutes.He inspires change, challenges thinking, and ensures that anyone can be excellent on and off camera.

His previous experience as an inbound video marketer and broadcast journalist has given him the tools and passion to take the digital sales and marketing initiative's of his clients, to the next level. His experiences as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps gave him the drive and abilities to lead teams anywhere.

John Becker

Revenue & Features Editor


John Becker is IMPACT's editorial content manager and co-host of the Content Lab podcast. In his role, John writes, edits, and coaches internal contributors. He also interviews internal subject matter experts and leadership for content, and oversees the strategy and production of our digital marketing news segment.

John is passionate about communication, education, design, sustainability, and teamwork. He lives in Essex, Connecticut, and enjoys building furniture, swimming, and traveling with his family.

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