One challenge that FTP Today faced when they came to us was their blog. It wasn’t helping them to garner views or shares and it made it impossible to collect subscriber information.

The goal of the redesign was to improve upon all three so that FTP Today could boost their brand awareness and authority.

The main page of the blog, as well as the individual posts, would include elements that encourage engagement with their readers. This includes social sharing icons, an optimized commenting function, topics/category navigation, CTAs offering other resources/services, and most importantly, numerous ways to make a subscription submission.

Since optimizing the blog for visitors, it has seen a steady growth of subscriber numbers (a 1400% increase) due in part to well placed “Subscribe Now” CTAs.



The individual posts themselves have also seen an increase in views. On average, article views have grown by 50% month-over-month.

The new design for the blog has been so successful because of how simple, clean, and clear the design is. Coupled with cleverly placed conversion elements, the FTP Today blog allows visitors to focus on the informational content and is going to continue to see tremendous growth.

Check out these before and after photos:

Blog HomePage

Before:            After:
ftp-blog9             ftp-blog7


Individual Posts

Before:   After:
ftp-individual-blog-post-1   ftp-individual-blog-post-2

 See the full FTP Today site here.