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Inbound marketing success starts with a framework: They Ask, You Answer

Chapter 2
Inbound marketing success starts with a framework

They Ask, You Answer is a framework that makes inbound marketing work so you can attract the right customers and generate more revenue.

This is the strategy.

This is the blueprint to use HubSpot effectively.

Today, They Ask, You Answer is used by all kinds of businesses around the world, including B2B and B2C companies in retail, manufacturing, home improvement, software, healthcare, real estate, and dozens of other industries.

At the core of They Ask, You Answer is a simple idea: Educated prospects become happier, better customers.

If your prospects are asking questions, you must answer them — openly and honestly — on your website. That’s where the name for our framework comes from: If they ask, you answer.

When you shift your focus to educating customers, candidly addressing everything about your products and services — even things that are uncomfortable, like price and drawbacks — you are able to:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Weed out bad-fit prospects
  • Make the buying process smoother

They Ask, You Answer teaches you to create the right written and video content, organize and index that content so it’s easily consumable, and utilize that content in the sales process to improve close rates.

It is the framework that can unite all of your teams and allow you to truly see the benefits of HubSpot. If you implement this framework at your business, you’ll see dramatic increases in organic traffic, more (and better) leads, and sustained revenue growth, all of which you can track in HubSpot.

By following the 10 steps listed below, you’ll bring your team together around shared growth goals, all of which are tracked in — and made easier by — HubSpot.

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