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What HubSpot isn’t

Chapter 1
What HubSpot isn’t

When you buy HubSpot and go through the onboarding, you’ve got a pretty good working knowledge of the platform, but knowing how to put it to use in your organization requires strategy, broad adoption, and a realistic set of expectations.

HubSpot success only happens with the right mindset.

Too often companies get HubSpot and expect their inbound marketing goals to be mapped out, their leads to be well organized, and previously hidden business opportunities to be suddenly revealed.

HubSpot is not going to instantly generate you revenue. Remember, it is a tool, not a strategy.

HubSpot will help you implement your strategy and then evaluate its efficacy, but it is not a strategy in and of itself.

To be successful, you need to know how to use the tool and a strategy to put it to good use.

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