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The Latest Digital Marketing News by IMPACT
November 19, 2020

Google updates ranking signals, the true purpose of marketing, and the evolution of keywords...this is THE LATEST!

🗞️ Extra, extra! Read all about it! 

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Hey everybody!

Stephanie's newsletter issue on Tuesday got me curious. It seems like every day there's something to celebrate. The skeptic in me thinks these are just shameless promotions. I mean, today is national caffeinated soda day. Is anyone else suspicious that the beverage industry might have had a hand in that? 🤔

Anyway, I'm choosing to focus on another celebratory occasion today: National Play Monopoly Day. Or, as it could alternately be called: National Start a Three-hour-slow-simmering-family-argument Day

When I was a kid, my Monopoly strategy was simple: Boardwalk and Park Place. I couldn't be concerned with any of the plebeian, ramshackle properties on the rest of the board. Oh no, I was going to save up to buy the two biggest, ritziest squares out there.


Then, I'd bide my time, slowly building a two-property empire with exorbitant prices that were sure to take a family member out of the game if they were unlucky enough to land on them. 

"Oh, welcome to Boardwalk, mom. I hope to enjoy your stay!" (add maniacal laughter).


Of course, this strategy didn't always work. I'd often get raked across the coals at my brother's Marvin's Gardens, a fine upper-middle class establishment with pleasing water views (if you like that kind of thing), or fall victim to the more bottom-shelf Vermont Ave. in the light blue neighborhood where you'd probably not like to leave your car overnight. 

Sometimes I'd even have to take a ride on the Reading Railroad. Ugh. 

Whatever strategy, whatever house rules you use, Monopoly is an American classic. And the good folks at Hasbro (formerly it was Parker Brothers) have probably conceived of this day to remind us that board games can still bring people together, even as we bleed our loved ones dry with high rents and spurious banking activities. 

Enjoy the day and play a game of Monopoly! But no one else gets to be the top hat. That one's mine.


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Now onto today's issue of THE LATEST...

💻 Google updates search ranking signals (4-minute read)

When Google makes a change to its ranking factors, everyone notices. Recently, the search engine giant announced that Core Web Vitals will become ranking signals in May, 2021. This means that three new metrics relating to load time, interactivity, and visual stability will be factored in to page rank. Creative Lead and all-around unicorn Christine Austin explains what Google's announcement means, and how you can prepare your site for the searchers of tomorrow.

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📕 What is the true purpose of marketing? (8-minute read)

It's at the root of all we do. Rather than getting lost in the Why are we all hereweeds, this insightful piece focuses on the purpose of marketing in today's modern professional landscape. This means looking closely at the way marketing fits into your business' larger objectives. Editorial Director Liz Moorehead dives deep into the how and the why behind the work we all do each day.

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🎯 Do exact-match keywords still matter? (2-minute read)

Short answer: yes, but their importance keeps diminishing. Google's John Mueller was recently asked if, with last year's roll out of the BERT algorithm update, exact-match keywords are still essential to high rankings. More and more, search engines are focusing on the intent of the searcher, even if that's not reflected verbatim in their search. Director of Operations Kaitlyn Petro breaks down the most recent Google updates, and what you need to know

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With everything going on in the world, you now get nonsense in every single issue of THE LATEST...


For all you procrastinators out there...

Adios! 👋