Webinar Sponsorship Guidelines

IMPACT is a leading global education, training, and consulting organization teaching growing companies how to drive results through the implementation of inbound principles.

Along with the latest actionable advice, tactics, and strategies, we share unique thought-provoking perspectives and personal, real-life stories of the triumphs (and tribulations) that come with growing through inbound. You won't find content more candid.

Why Sponsor a Webinar with IMPACT?

Creating content since 2009, IMPACT was an early leader in the inbound content space. Since its inception, we have welcomed some of the industry’s most prominent voices on our webinars including David Meerman Scott, Peep Laja, Oli Gardner, Mike Volpe, Andy Crestodina, Jay Baer, and Joanna Wiebe among others.

Sponsoring a webinar with IMPACT will help you:

  • Expand Your Reach
    • The IMPACT website garners over 725,000 sessions/month
    • Currently over 40,000 subscribers
    • Our private, invitation-only Facebook Group has more than 6,000 members, with an engagement rate of over 65%

Who is IMPACT's Audience?

IMPACT is audience made up of roughly 70% marketing/sales/business professionals and 30% fellow agencies. It includes passionate marketing, sales, and design leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs all looking to grow through inbound.

These individuals primarily own or work for small to medium-sized B2B businesses located in North America, and are driven by a desire to grow their careers and achieve measurable improvements in the performance of their marketing, sales and organizations as a whole.

So, How Does it Work?

Simply share a brief description of your webinar, a host headshot, biography, slide deck, and any goals/person information with us and the IMPACT team will prepare all of the promotional materials for getting your webinar out to a qualified audience.

This includes emails, Facebook Ads, Facebook Events, blog articles, and social posts.

In the past, we have seen sponsored webinars perform best when hosts/sponsors grant us access to their Facebook Tracking Pixel, use our suggested copy to send an email to their contacts, and publish social posts on their end as well.

Either way, we’ll share assets to help make promotion on your end as easy and hassle-free as possible and reach your registration goals.

Excited to sponsor? Fill out the form below to talk to us about your webinar.