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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
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IMPACT+, our online learning community, is carefully curated and set up to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

With detailed learning paths, engaging community and mastermind groups, and a battery of tools that help you set goals and track your team’s progress, there’s more to IMPACT+ than you might see at first.

In this article, we’re going to showcase the most important features within IMPACT+ for teams looking to succeed with inbound marketing and They Ask, You Answer, as well as explain how to maximize these features with your team

We’ll cover:

  • The main features of IMPACT+ and how they’re useful to your team.
  • How to get started on IMPACT+ with your team members.

IMPACT+ has all the tools, education, and collective support you need to master They Ask, You Answer and drive more sales from your inbound marketing initiatives.

Here’s how to use the platform with your team.

Main features of IMPACT+ and how they benefit your team

Once you sign up for and enter IMPACT+, you’ll see on your main dashboard there is a set of features listed prominently on the left-hand side:

We’ll go over what each of these features does and how your team will get the most use out of them.

Courses and Learning Paths

In IMPACT+, we have a catalog of more than 60 courses and lessons spanning subjects such as technical SEO, video production, content creation, and HubSpot maintenance. 

IMPACT+ features

Your team can take entire courses and lessons as you see fit.

We also offer different learning paths your team can take according to their roles. 

learning paths

For example, if your content manager needs to brush up on the basics of content creation, they can take the learning path that coincides with their goals, such as the learning path titled “Creating Amazing Business Blog Content.” 

While we have a substantial library of content, it can be overwhelming to sort through. Learning paths help you and your team get the content and resources you need, in the proven order you need it.

Also, since the learning paths are curated for you, you won’t have to comb through dozens of courses and lessons each time your staff needs to learn a new skill.

Your team can track how far they’ve come, and you can see how much of that particular learning path you’ve accomplished or have left to complete:

course completion

This way your team has the flexibility to learn the skills they need at a pace that works for all, while managers and leaders keep tabs on how their teams are using and progressing through the platform. 

Community and Mastermind Groups

Our community and mastermind groups provide professional support in two ways: 

  1. “All communities” is part of the free IMPACT+ version and its features are available to everyone.
  2. “Mastermind” groups are for pro-level members only and are much smaller and specific. 

While all communities provide support to your team, mastermind groups are where your team can access our coaches, trainers, and members of our executive team. 

For example, Senior Director of Membership Stephanie Baiocchi runs the HubSpot mastermind, and our executive group is led by IMPACT CEO Bob Ruffolo.

Mastermind groups are places where our seasoned marketing and sales professionals congregate to share their expertise. Your team members can benefit by asking lots of questions, sharing experiences, and seeking advice to continue succeeding with They Ask, You Answer. 

These groups not only connect you to the leaders at IMPACT, but also others in the same role(s) at other organizations and in other industries. This is especially critical when your team members focus on different aspects of your They Ask, You Answer success. 

There are six mastermind groups your teams can benefit and learn from:

mastermind groups

Mastermind groups are a powerful way to immerse everyone in learning communities in and around their individual roles, but also collectively, since your team members can join the specific communities that speak to their challenges directly. 

Tools and Scorecards

The accountability tool allows you to set targets for your team and track its progress.

You can also access the They Ask, You Answer scorecard that helps you get a bird’s eye view of which areas your team needs to focus on and which are going well already. 

Once you complete the scorecard, you’ll be able to see exactly which main skills your team needs to focus on for the quarter and which resources to utilize. 


This makes it easy to gather feedback, understand collectively where your focuses need to be, and then fuel your priorities and metrics.

How to get started on IMPACT+ with other team members

To get started using IMPACT+ with your team, create or join your team and invite other members to join. 

To do this, navigate to the top right-hand corner and click on your profile. Then choose “Teams” from the dropdown.

join a team impact+

Once you create your teams and invite members, you can view and manage your teams, including inviting team members, managing their permissions, and assigning them priorities within the Tools section.

There are additional features that come with having a team with a Pro subscription, such as extra tracking and analytics capabilities as well as more content and resources available. Creating your team allows you to track its progress.

For more details on building your team in IMPACT+, here’s a library of support articles we’ve created for our members: Teams in IMPACT+

Once you set up your teams, it’s time to get started using the platform. Here are three subsequent steps:

1. Facilitate a scoring round 

Once you’ve got everyone added to your team, click on “Tools” in the left-hand navigation or at the top to access your scorecard. Fill this out to get your areas of focus.

This step is best taken after you watch the They Ask, You Answer fundamentals course so that your team is familiar with the methodology and related terminology. Without watching the course, the scorecard might not make a lot of sense to you — especially if you’re not familiar with They Ask, You Answer and its main principles. 

2. Identify your main areas of focus for the next three months 

After filling out your scorecard, take your list of principles that need improvement and pick two or three of the most important ones to focus on first.

We recommend this amount because you will not be able to change the world in a day. Instead, you need to focus on the “do now” items, then build momentum to work on additional tasks in the future.

We’ve created a step-by-step, 12-month process for implementing They Ask, You Answer, which could help you prioritize your goals as well. If you have questions about how to implement They Ask, You Answer at your organization, set up a call with one of our advisors and they can walk you through the process.

3. Build trackable metrics around your priorities

The final step to getting started with IMPACT+ is setting up metrics to track the progress you’re making on the main areas of focus you’ve chosen. This will help your team establish the outcomes and goals you want to achieve in the planning period and then implement the necessary steps along the way to achieve those goals

To set up and track your metrics, create a new period in the Tools dashboard. We can recommend metrics or you can create custom ones that suit your business’s goals and objectives.

How To Use IMPACT+ With Your Team Period Targets

Your priorities should feed your metrics. So, if your goal is to double your lead generation in the next three months, you might aim for 100 qualified leads per month. Your priorities will act as your leading indicators, while your metrics will be your trailing indicators of that priority work. 

Consider using IMPACT+ for Business

For teams looking to learn together on the platform, IMPACT+ for Business

IMPACT+ for Business unlocks They Ask, You Answer summits, unlimited Pro memberships for your entire organization, and a member success manager from the IMPACT+ team to help you find your way around the platform.

You can click here to learn more about IMPACT+ for Business.

It’s the one step your business can take to improve your content, video, and sales initiatives while setting your business up for inbound marketing and They Ask, You Answer success.

This platform makes it easy to eliminate your sales and marketing silos while educating your marketing and sales teams with the professional development tools they need to level up their skill sets. 

Instead of training your teams separately, your sales and marketing employees will learn and speak the same language while also working independently and building their individual skills — all in one place. 

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

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