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Mindful Meditation is Not Easy. Tips from Chris Duprey on How He Got Started! [MarketHer Ep. 57]

Mindful Meditation is Not Easy. Tips from Chris Duprey on How He Got Started! [MarketHer Ep. 57] Blog Feature

June 12th, 2019 min read

Anyone who has started a journey in mindfulness mediation has probably experienced similar things to me and Kate: 

  • You can't shut off your brain
  • A noise in the background interrupts you
  • You can't stay committed
  • You wonder "is it really working?"

Any of these sound familiar?  

IMPACT's COO, Chris Duprey, joins us to share his journey into mindful meditation.

Along with this journey, he has some incredible tips that we are immediately putting into practice.

He makes it way easier than we made it out to be in our heads. 

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Chris has shared his insight on meditation to both Kate and I during our 1:1 calls with him.

We are both always better people after each one of those calls and appreciate the depth of those conversations. 

Still, there are things that pull us into different directions that take us away from committing fully to meditation. 

In our conversation with Chris, he breaks down how he got started and shares some of the following insights: 

Of course, mediation is always a personal choice and experience.

However you fit mediation into your life may not be the same as Chris, Kate, or me, which is why we are talking about this all summer.

Everyone has a different story to share. 

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