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John Bonini

By John Bonini

Jul 2, 2015


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My Last Post as Marketing Director at IMPACT

John Bonini

By John Bonini

Jul 2, 2015

My Last Post as Marketing Director at IMPACT

10881891_10152616209139576_4459823742791098072_n.jpgThis will probably be the hardest blog post I'll ever write, which is apropos, as it mirrors one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. 

For the past four years I've had the incredible fortune and honor to serve as marketing director at IMPACT, an agency that's not only been extremely successful in a ridiculously short period of time, but also progressive in its structure and processes. 

A structure that afforded me the autonomy to take chances, experiment, make decisions, and ultimately succeed – along with the hard work of many others – at transforming a once small design shop into one of the premier marketing agencies in the country. 

The agency's growth also paved the way for my own, moving from content marketing manager to marketing director, to earning a seat on the leadership team all in the span of four years. It's been an insanely fun ride. 

As exciting as it's all been, the direction, talent, and overall approach we've built moving forward is even more so, which brings me back to that whole "one of the hardest decisions I've had to make" bit.

Today I'm announcing that I'll be leaving IMPACT to take the position of Growth Director at Litmus. 

It's long been a dream of mine to join a software company in a growth capacity. Perhaps it's because we've worked so closely with software and tech companies at IMPACT, or because of my relationship with so many great people at HubSpot, but I've long dreamt of the opportunity to help a SaaS company market and grow a great product. 

With Litmus, the stars just aligned. Everything worked. The position was right in my wheelhouse. The people have been nothing short of stellar and the product is amazing. Quite honestly, it's probably the only opportunity I'd have even considered. That's how perfect it was. And that's how much I've loved being a part of IMPACT.

And as difficult as it is to leave IMPACT, I'm equally as excited to start my journey with Litmus.

Still, with a decision like this, you just can’t help but give in to the introspection that’s sure to dominate your thoughts for weeks.

Now I could get into the growth numbers and how much bigger the company is now, but that’s not what this is about. 

It’s about the people. It’s about having been part of building something special. 

I’ve been surrounded by ridiculously smart, ambitious, progressive thinkers for four years. People who entrusted me to lead the marketing charge. Who pushed me. Challenged me in ways I could never imagine. Who made me laugh. Who hung tight with me during the toughest of times, both personally and professionally. 

Like 2013.

In March of that year, I lost my girlfriend of five years in a car accident. 

It crushed me. Everything became difficult. Eating. Getting dressed. Changing my clothes. Going back to work was the last thing on my mind. I literally thought I had lost my entire future.

Not only were the people of IMPACT supportive, they literally held me up on my feet until I could stand again. They put together care packages. They came to every service. They sat with me in my living room even when I didn’t feel like having company over.  

I needed them.

I could never properly thank these people, or this company, for what they’ve done for me. 

To me, these relationships are so much more important than any company any of us will ever work for.

It was and still is a very special group of people, doing very special things.  

And to the people I’ve managed directly over the years – Carolyn, Bobby, Carly, Christine, Amanda, Ramona – whether you know it or not, you taught me so much more than I probably taught you. Things about myself. About people and the relationship between the two. You all hold a very special place in my heart. 

And then there are those who have read, shared, and commented on the things that we have put out as a marketing department over the past few years. The loyal readers, followers, and people who are consistently in my inbox with feedback, both positive and negative. 

Thank you. 

Truly, you gave me purpose each and every day I walked through these doors. I was obsessive about providing you with a great experience, and if I happened to be present during a moment of inspiration for you, then that is and will always be the ultimate reward. 

I took every download, subscription, and engagement very personal, as I feel there is no greater currency in online marketing than allowing me access to your email inbox. Thank you for the opportunity. 

And lastly, thank you Bob Ruffolo. Thanks for entrusting me with such an important seat at your company for the last four years. There wasn't a day that went by when I wasn't absolutely thrilled and honored to be in it.

This won't be the last time you see me on this blog. I'll be bothering content marketing manager, Ramona Sukhraj, for guest bylines regularly. (Apologies in advance, Ramona.)

This community is close to my heart, so I'll always be close by.

In fact, I'm going to be heading up a brand new initiative by IMPACT focused on sustaining valuable relationships with alumni. I'll be coordinating meet-ups and training sessions with the idea of keeping the IMPACT family, both past and present, even more connected.

It's an exciting opportunity given the talent that has and continues to pour through IMPACT.

And now for the hard part. 

You know, I've never been great at writing conclusions, so I'll keep this one short. 

It's been an absolute pleasure working for you, the reader, for the past four years.

I could never have imagined how fun it would be.

Thank you for reading. 

Talk soon.

- John



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