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The one thing businesses that want to succeed with SEO must do first

Chapter 1
The one thing businesses that want to succeed with SEO must do first

There is one thing we advise all our clients to do before any other step that consistently catalyzes their incredible SEO growth.

This simple tip has helped our clients explode their traffic and revenue, including the folks at:

It’s so crucial to our client’s success that we feel this part of the process should be mandatory: To succeed with SEO, you must hire a full-time, in-house content manager whose sole job is to own content creation for the company.

When our clients attempt to grow their businesses with SEO but don’t hire a true “owner” of content, it never works. Other priorities always take precedence and content production is too slow to make meaningful progress.

But when you have one person whose only goal is to create content, they are far more invested in the success of your content marketing program than any freelancer or agency could ever be.

Not only will your content manager ensure unique, relevant content is published regularly without fail, which is crucial for building a strong SEO presence, but they will also:

  • Obsess over creating high-quality content that accurately reflects the true tone and spirit of your brand.
  • Interview your company’s subject-matter experts and capture their insights (and your company’s unique perspective) and integrate it into your content.
  • Work directly with the sales team and help them integrate content into the sales process, allowing them to close more deals faster.
  • Monitor your organic search performance and routinely improve ranking and traffic results.
  • Update existing content to ensure it remains relevant and effective.
  • Oversee the other areas of your sales and marketing initiatives where content is critical (including your website, email, and social media).

We’re often asked, “Can’t we just outsource our content to a freelancer or an agency?”

The answer to this question is a definitive no.

Most companies that embrace inbound marketing for SEO growth take this path, and it’s a path that leads to inconsistent, lackluster results.

We’ve seen it too many times.

No freelancer or agency is ever going to be able to give your content marketing efforts what they need to succeed. They aren’t as invested as an in-house content manager would be, and they will always be juggling your work with the needs of other businesses.

So, really — hire a content manager for your company.

To help you find the best one for your team, we’ve created a course titled “How to hire a content manager.” Our team of advisors is also happy to walk you through the process of hiring the perfect content manager for your business, so be sure to schedule your free consultation with an advisor today.

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