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Recording your sales calls

Chapter 5
Recording your sales calls

Having the ability to easily record, share, and save your sales calls can have powerful benefits for you and your team. Unless your company has a policy against it, every call should be recorded.

Here’s how sales call recordings can be beneficial.

Record Your Sales Calls v3

For your boss

As mentioned above, virtual sales calls allow for the most valid and valuable feedback possible. In the past, a sales manager might have to sit in on an actual meeting to see a sales rep in action, but they would slightly skew the experience just by their presence.

With a Zoom call recording, a sales leader can truly be a fly on the wall, offering specific, actionable feedback for the team.

AI-driven tools like Gong or Chorus can help transcribe, parse, and analyze Zoom recordings as well, showing who spoke the most, when key phrases came up, and where specific follow-up action is required.

For yourself

Most people don’t like to see themselves on camera but trust me, the benefits are too great to pass up.

Even if your sales reps receive regular feedback from their managers, this will only reflect a fraction of their total volume of calls.

In addition, they can spend some time watching their own call recordings to prompt self-reflection.

We all know how an important call can go. When you’re in the moment, there are details you miss. Going back to a call recording can help a sales rep see exactly how prospects respond to a certain part of their presentation.

This is especially useful in preparation for upcoming calls. If a sales rep is meeting with the same prospect again — or with a different prospect from a similar company or the same industry — a past call recording can help them get ready.

For your marketing team

The greater the distance between marketers and customers, the greater the chance that marketing materials will be off-target. A recorded sales call is a treasure trove of data for a marketing team. They can hear objections and questions in the language of the buyer — and see which messaging resonated.

If you have a multi-step sales process, marketers can watch each call to see how a deal moved forward (or did not).

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