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Overcoming your single biggest obstacle

Chapter 2
Overcoming your single biggest obstacle

The biggest challenge to selling over video is not learning the video platform. 

Zoom and other platforms are remarkably intuitive and user-friendly. Even for the non-tech-savvy, you can get all you need to know about Zoom from a YouTube tutorial and a few practice sessions with colleagues.

Platform competence is critical, but it is not a guarantee of virtual sales success. In fact, this is the biggest obstacle to virtual sales success: Thinking that familiarity with the platform will translate to success.

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Success with virtual sales comes down to the way you translate in-person sales practices to a virtual platform.

This is hard to do because of the delicate, relationship-heavy nature of sales.

You can’t just shoehorn a sales process into a Zoom call and expect everything to turn out fine. 

A modern sales rep is dealing with exceedingly well-informed buyers who are very aware of their other options. These customers are expecting an exceptional, personalized buying experience. 

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To deliver an optimal buying experience, you need both an easy command of Zoom and a knowledge of how the video call platform influences the sales process.

There are ways, after all, that Zoom makes the sales process easier. There are also ways it makes the sales process more difficult. The most successful sales reps today are playing to strengths, avoiding challenges, and consciously adapting their sales acumen to the digital medium.

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