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The Freedom to Fail  [MarketHer 4th of July]

The Freedom to Fail  [MarketHer 4th of July] Blog Feature

Brie Rangel

Chief Operating Officer, 10+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience

July 4th, 2018 min read

Happy 4th of July from the ladies of MarketHer!

Our theme for Season 2 is all about embracing the struggle and letting go of the idea of perfection, and sometimes the pressure to be perfect is no stronger than on holidays. 

Across social media, it seems like everyone is at the best party, eating the best food, and just overall, having the best time -- but that's not realistic.

In the U.S., today is Independence Day and that's all about celebrating our freedom to live life anyway we want; as "perfectly" or "imperfectly" as it may seem to others. 

#EmbraceTheStruggle! Love it! Don't be afraid to "fail" because failing is the first step to learning and growing, whether it be in your career or your personal life. 

What better way to recognize this freedom and empowerment on a day like today than to pull back the curtain on social media perfection and see what life really looks like.

Below we've shared some of our favorite Independence Day Pinterest fails. While the consequences of these shortcomings may not be as big as others you face, we hope they help you realize that failure isn't something to break you down. Laugh at it. Learn from it. 

Enjoy and we hope you are having a stress-free, no-pressure-to-be-perfect holiday! 

P.S. If someone you know says they pulled any of these off, they’re probably lying :)

Nailed It! (Literally)


Photo from Twitter

Gold Star for Effort


Photo from Twitter

I Bet It Still Tastes Great


Photo from Pinterestfail.com

Soooo Close!


Photo from Pinterestfail.com

At Least They Gave This One a Whirl


Photo from Pinterestfail.com

This Red, White, and Blue Us Away


Photo from Pinterest

It's The Thought That Counts


Photo from Twitter

It Was a Berry Good Try


Photo from Twitter



Photo from Twitter

If you missed last week's episode where we dove more into our #EmbraceTheStruggle theme, check it out below: 


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