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Businesses Can Be Social Butterflies Too

Chapter 10
Businesses Can Be Social Butterflies Too

Social media marketing is a vast and complicated topic, one much greater than can be captured in a single guide.

However, the guidance and best practices I just shared will give you a strong foundation to start delivering value to your audience on some of the most effective social media platforms for businesses and, most importantly, building trusting relationships that can nurture long-term customers.

You may be asking yourself, “But what about TikTok? Or Snapchat?” While successful marketing and advertising options on these platforms are still being baked out, use the information in this guide to evaluate whether they (or any new social media platforms) are truly worth your time.

Remember to ask yourself:

Is this where my customers are? What are they looking for? Can I deliver it effectively and consistently?

Yes, there will be roadblocks and ever-evolving features and algorithm changes to stay up-to-date on, but with a focus on authenticity and maintaining your customer’s trust,  these core questions can be used to drive your behavior and help you transform your inbound and content marketing into a powerful revenue stream in 2022 and beyond.

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