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Drastically Improve Your Press Release In 5 Simple Steps Blog Feature

October 15th, 2010 min read

Distributing press releases to various news sources has been a focal point for a multitude of companies throughout Connecticut.  Businesses of all sizes love to submit their information for that free marketing that every manager holds dearly.  However, the one thing that these companies struggle with is the quality of press release they publish.  Until now! With these 5 simple steps you can significantly improve the quality of press release you produce as soon as tomorrow!

  1. Make The Headlines -- We all know that your press release will not make the front page of the paper, but it sure can come close with premier positioning.  The only way to get the attention that your news deserves, though, is by creating a catchy and engaging headline.  Develop a headline that seduces the reader into investigating your copy a little deeper, and one that takes a benefits perspective.
  2. Focus on the First Paragraph -- The bottom-line is that the readers do not read until the bottom-line of an article.  Well, at least the majority of people don't read through all the content.  You have the opportunity to distribute your information in a concise and detailed manor within the first paragraph which will deliver all the pertinent information in a timely fashion for those people whom skim articles.  Who knows, you may just get them to read to the bottom of your press release if you share the important info first.
  3. To Be An Ad or Not To Be -- A significant mistake that several companies make is thinking that their press release is actually an advertisement.  This is one of the biggest ways that you can completely negate your predicted results of the press release.  Instead, include beneficial newsworthy content that will entice your clientele to contact you for further information or to utilize those great services that consist of that breaking news you speak of throughout your article.
  4. Proof the Publication -- Spelling errors, grammatical mishaps, general typos, and anything else can occur in your first draft of a press release (or any other copy you produce).  The only way to truly make sure your post is ready to be published with the professional image for which you are looking, you need to proofread the first and/or second draft of the article.  As a simple trick, read the final product out loud prior to submitting to the news sources.
  5. Promote the Press Release -- With the evolution of the internet and the wide usage of social networks, you have the great opportunity to promote your press release without it being published by newspapers or other news resources.  Yes, you still want to submit your publication to those sources, but you also want to get the word out as soon as possible, right?  And, the fastest (and most efficient) means to accomplish this is through your social networking platforms.

The above are all simple steps to drastically and immediately improve the quality of press release which you publish.  From proofreading to promotion and creating catchy headlines to concise and benefits-related content these are easily implemented by you or your marketing/PR department.  However, if you need help with creating your consistent press releases feel free to contact IMPACT today for more information.

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