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How to Use Content Marketing to Close More Sales

By Carly Stec

How to Use Content Marketing to Close More Sales

_how_to_use_content_marketing_to_close_more_salesLet's say that you're deciding between two different hotels for your Memorial Day weekend getaway. What fuels your decision making process?

It's likely that you plug in the hotels online and click through a few reviews, maybe browse the photo gallery on their site.

Or perhaps you're considering having a pool installed in your backyard for the kids. You're not going to move forward with the construction until you do a little research online, right?

You're not alone. These days, the average shopper engages with 10.7 pieces of content before making a purchase decision, up from 5.3 pieces in 2010. (Source: Zero Moment of Truth)

If your business isn't building out a content library, these information hungry prospects won't hesitate to move onto another site where the content is more plentiful. 

Simply put, in order to grow your business and avoid getting passed up by your competitors, you need to learn how to feed the need. 

Still need convincing? Allow me to explain...

Build Trust

Consumers are skeptics. Having been mislead, scammed, spammed, and betrayed by businesses one too many times in the past, they're out to build trust before handing over their wallet.

With WordPress users alone publishing 347 new blog posts a minute, it's easy for your content marketing efforts to get lost in the noise. This is precisely the reason why businesses can't afford to publish anything less than high quality content. 

In order to break through, they must use their content to communicate their earnest commitment to the customer. This means striving to create something of value, something that does more than parallel the latest headline trends. 

A variety of high quality content will serve as the distinction your business needs to draw the attention and win the trust of prospects. 

Help Prospects Recognize Their Weaknesses 

Before a consumer makes a purchasing decisions, they have to be certain that their problem or pain point is justified. Is their need a legitimate one? Is it worth paying for a solution?

Through your commitment to guiding your customers in the right direction through the presentation of solutions, you are ultimately validating their pain points. Make sense?

By using your content to bring to light the potential risks of sweeping their problem under the rug, they will ultimately feel more inclined to do something about it. 

Educate Them 

Like I said before, you wouldn't start digging up your backyard for a pool installation before doing your research would you?

The bottom line is that consumers aren't going to start waving money in your face until they know and understand what you're all about.

Let's say you're a sales consulting firm. The content you create and distribute should seek to educate consumers on effective sales practices, beneficial tools, and the importance of improving their current sales process. 

While many business often times pull back with the fear that they are giving away too much, they are failing to recognize that by educate prospects you are essentially building top of mind awareness. 

The more they know, the more willing they will be to believe in what you business offers, which is why it is important that your content marketing efforts aim to provide insight and support above all else. 

Use It as a Conversation Starter

When it comes to marketing, building and maintaing relationships is the key to simpler sales. As I mentioned before, consumers are looking for a company that they can trust above all else, and opening the door for communication is a great way to convey just that.

The problem is, sometimes it can be difficult to start the conversation or keep an existing conversation going. If you're having trouble finding an in to touch base with your leads, consider reaching out to them with some resources. 

By using your library of content to initiate a conversation, your are ultimately educating your prospect and opening up an opportunity for further discussions. 

Free Assessment:

How does your inbound marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.


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Published on April 23, 2014

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