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1. Our sales goals and metrics are clearly defined and communicated to the team.
2. We have a clearly defined sales process in place that our sales team consistently follows.
3. Our sales team receives regular coaching and feedback from our sales leaders.
4. We record our sales calls so that team members can get feedback and improve performance.
5. We regularly conduct role-playing exercises to practice sales scenarios and improve communication skills.
6. We use content and videos in our sales process to answer prospects' questions ahead of meetings.
7. Our sales reps are just as effective selling over Zoom (or a similar platform) as they are selling face-to-face.
8. Our sales team uses the company’s CRM the way they’re supposed to.
9. Our sales team has a team-first approach, and individual reps help each other get better.
10. We focus on building the communications skills of our sales pros.
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