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Jolie Higazi

They Ask, You Answer Coach, 5+ Years of Project Management and Digital Marketing Experience

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Jolie's Bio

Jolie thrives on helping businesses propel their growth through harnessing the spirit of inbound: authentically connecting potential customers with what they really want. 

Jolie's wide-ranging experience working with B2B and B2C companies of all sizes and industries gives her the insight needed to drive growth through unique content strategies. She is a Hubspot-certified marketing specialist and an avid reader who is always learning about the latest digital marketing trends.

When she's not helping companies reach their business goals, Jolie enjoys writing, doing handstands, and lifting heavy things.

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Jolie's Certifications

Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Marketing Software

HubSpot Agency Partner

Inbound (2017 Version)


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