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LinkedIn has rebranded its editorial team to LinkedIn News, promising better news feed

LinkedIn has rebranded its editorial team to LinkedIn News, promising better news feed Blog Feature

Karisa Egan

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching, 5+ Years of Client Success and Project Management

May 28th, 2020 min read

LinkedIn recently announced that it will be rebranded its editorial team as LinkedIn News.

The LinkedIn News team, which is comprised of 75 employees in 15 different regions, will not only post business updates, but will also start managing the platform’s Trending News section, the Daily Rundown, and LinkedIn Lists.

According to the team’s about page, they will be sharing news from “every industry and business from health care and frontline workers to venture capital, financial services, and tech to small business owners,” to help deliver more personalized news to a multitude of companies and individual users.

Having actual employees curating and sharing news from all of these different industries will allow the LinkedIn News team to work on achieving its mission:

“giving professionals the news and views they need now to stay informed and to build their voices and to help members connect with this content that reinforces our work as a trusted professional news brand while communicating the value we bring to you and the community."

Is LinkedIn leading the way on more personalized business news feeds?

Over the past couple of years LinkedIn has put an immense amount of work into build an impressive global team of editors who bring with them previous experience at publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

LinkedIn has invested time and money into creating this piece of its platform, and it seems to be working, yielding significant growth in content impressions and engagement. 

Not only is LinkedIn increasing engagement and content creation, but as a brand it’s becoming warmer and more inclusive. LinkedIn feeds have started to include more real stories by real people, and the platform boasts updated design features to add warmth, making it more accessible to everyone in the job market or interested in professional growth.

While other major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram use machine learning to determine what news stories are trending, it sometimes doesn’t work as it should.

Machine learning simply doesn’t have the same effect as an actual human fact-checking to ensure that only real and relevant news is being shared.

For example, Instagram’s Explore page, which is filled with pictures that users likely to be interested in based on past clicks, likes, and engagement, faced backlash when a bug in the system caused everyone’s Explore page to show nature photos rather than content that was actually relevant.

When you put trust into machines and algorithms to curate personalized content, you’re likely to run into technical issues that may affect your entire audience.

With the LinkedIn rebrand to LinkedIn News, the platform is removing some of these issues and making sure you’re seeing more personalized news, trends, and insights directly from a team of real editors.

Being human again

LinkedIn is continuing to focus on being more human by having actual employees curate and cultivate users’ Today’s News and views and The Daily Rundown.

These individuals are making sure they’re showing very specific stories directly related to specific groups of users and their business. It’s not clear how much machine-learning, if any, is being used, but it’s clear that LinkedIn is making sure users see the most relevant and interesting stories in their news feed.

Although no big changes to their advertising platform have been announced, it’s clear to see the direction LinkedIn is moving — and we can imagine ads will follow suit. With your newsfeed being more personalized, it’s likely we’ll see advertising becoming more personalized as well.

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