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Ramona Sukhraj

By Ramona Sukhraj

Aug 25, 2017


Content Marketing
Content Marketing

7 Life-Saving Tools to Generate More Blog Titles Right Now

Ramona Sukhraj

By Ramona Sukhraj

Aug 25, 2017

7 Life-Saving Tools to Generate More Blog Titles Right Now

A lot of people say writer's block doesn't exist, but come on -- there isn't really another way to describe the feeling. 

You know what I'm talking about; that feeling that you've run out of ideas or don't know how to express your idea in a new way. And no amount of blogging tips seem to pull you out of your rut.

Every content writer eventually reaches this point in their careers (maybe even regularly) and frankly, it sucks

Although in theory the potential for new blog content unlimited, after writing about the same industry, niche, or keyword for long periods of time, it's easy to feel like you've covered everything.

How to Write an Epic Blog Title

“A great title is often the difference between a blog article that generates a few views and an article that generates tons of views.”  – HubSpot: How to Master the Art of Exceptional Blog Titles

Without an attractive headline, readers may never discover the value that your blog articles have to offer.

Obviously, there are several important factors that make up a great, effective blog post besides title, but fact is, this is the reader's first impression of what you've written, and it has a direct impact on whether or not it gets read.

Think of it this way. When blog articles are shared through the various social media networks, often times all you will see is the title of the article. No body paragraphs. No excerpts. Just the title. So, it’s critically important that your title is compelling enough to get your readers to click on it.

Here, we’ve laid out the six most important factors to consider when titling your blog posts according to HubSpot.


Great titles convey action. Don’t be passive. Your readers have come to your blog to learn something they can do and your title should tell people flat out that your article will deliver. 


Simply put, don’t bore your readers. Shorter titles get the point across in a more compelling manner than those that are verbose. Plus, shorter titles (less than 70 characters usually) are less likely to get cut off by search engines in results. 


It’s very important that the focus keyword for your entire blog article be included in the title for SEO purposes. On most platforms, including HubSpot, the title of your blog article also doubles as the page title for that particular web page.


In most instances, it's best to be clear over clever. Don’t use vague language or industry jargon that may confuse your reader -- especially if you're going for organic traffic and ranking higher in search engines. Ambiguous titles (while maybe increasing curiosity) also increase the risk of miscommunication or misleading the reader. 


Readers love to know that you're a valuable, trusted resource and that you know what you're talking about. After all, that's why they've come to your blog, to learn from your expertise.

Don't be afraid to make proclamations in your blog titles. Remember, you know what you're talking about. 


Never judge a book by its cover? Unfortunately in the world of online marketing, this old adage doesn't hold true.

Readers often make their decision on whether or not to read something based on your blog title alone.

Therefore, be sure your titles are interesting as well as informative.

Tools for Generating Blog Titles

Now, even with these tips in hand, sometimes creativity just evades you.  While this can be the worst itch that you can't scratch at that time, it does pass -- and with the seven tools in this article, it'll pass even quicker. 

Although each of these tools are similar in concept, they all provide different voices and alternatives to get your creative juices flowing again and help you generate more blog topics right away. 

1. HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator


It should come as no surprise that HubSpot has one of the most well-known blog topic generators out there. Coming from one of the pioneers in the blog-osphere, this generator is as user-friednly as they come. 

Simply type in three keywords (nouns) and "give me blog topics!".

On the next page, you'll be presented with five titles that incorporate the keywords you listed. (One for each day of the work week.) 

The blog titles tend to be written in a way that makes it easy to substitute the original keyword for something else, so even if the suggestion isn't perfect, it's a great brainstorming tool for time-crunched bloggers. 

If you don't like the original ideas they generated, you can always try again to see five new ideas. And since it's HubSpot after all, you can count on the blog titles to follow best-practices for a SEO. 

2. BlogAbout by IMPACT


I couldn't write an article about blog title tools without mentioning our own -- BlogAbout.

I know I'm a little biased, but I have to say BlogAbout adds a little something extra to the creative process.

Unlike most of the others on the list, this tool is setup to ignite your own creativity and come up with new ideas.

With it, you'll enter a broad topic that you want to blog. That topic is sent to the top of the screen to keep it "top of mind," then BlogAbout generates titles with blanks for you to fill in with your keywords.

When you create a blog title you like, you can save it to a list that you can have emailed to you when you're done.

If at any point you just can't come up with any keywords or topics, BlogAbout lets you open a little drawing pad that you can use to doodle out some ideas. (And don't worry, if you create a masterpiece, you can download this too.)

3. Portent's Content Idea Generator


Now, the value of Portent's tool goes beyond just blog titles.

To use this "content idea generator", type in the keyword or subject you want to write about and click the generate button. Portent will give you a killer title like you'd expect, but then it goes on to explain WHY it suggested what it did.

Their explanations are not only clever and colorful, they help teach you valuable lessons about what makes a title effective for future use. It's like the Content God's equivalent of teaching a man to fish. 

4. The Blog Post Ideas Generator by Build Your Own Blog


If you're fresh out of even a topic to write about, this is the tool for you.

Instead of providing any keywords or topics, all you do is click "Generate Blog Post Idea" and it spits out a random writing prompt, usually in a fill-in-the-blank or "complete this sentence" type format.  

While you still need to do a bit of the noodle work here, "The Blog Post Idea Generator" is a reliable source of unique and often quirky ideas for your next article.

(There's even an option for users' to submit their own, so don't keep all those genius ideas to yourself!)

5. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor


SEO isn't everyone's strong suit, but with this tool by SEOPressor it doesn't have to be.

"Blog Title Generator" creates blog titles that are catchy and follow SEO best-practices.

When you can select a keyword that is a generic term, brand, product, industry, etc. the tool even helps narrow your focus with their suggestions. Their titles are clever and specific to help you better resonate with your audience. 

6. Upworthy Generator by Mike Lacher


The Upworthy Generator (not actually affiliated with the site) creates clickbait-style blog titles like its namesake that are designed to get a ton of engagement on social media. 

While these titles are often accused of being sensational or misleading, when done tastefully, they can be just what your website needs to boost traffic or click-throughs. 

Note: These titles aren't actually functional for most businesses, but they can definitely help you brainstorm!

7. Title Generator by Tweak Your Biz


Last, but no least, if you're looking for a mass quantity of blog title ideas in one click, this is the tool for you.

Unlike the other tools that randomly generate a handful of ideas at a time, "Title Generator" by Tweak Your Biz lists out hundreds of titles at once.

The blog title ideas are broken down into categories, such as lists, questions, how-to, motivation, etc.

While the titles are bit generic compared to the other options on this list, this one takes the cake in terms of quantity. 

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

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