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Becca Manganello

Account Manager, 10+ Years of Strategic Digital Sales & Marketing Experience

Location: New Haven, CT

Becca's Bio

Becca brings over a decade of experience in client relationship management and has developed and lead teams at various companies for over 12 years. She thrives on helping clients develop the skills and knowledge needed for achieving success. She has a deep passion for helping people learn and grow, as she believes there is nothing more beautiful than seeing people accomplish their dreams.

Understanding a client’s needs and their challenges is paramount to success, and Becca’s communication and organizational skills allow her to do just this. Well-informed action is the key to achieving goals, and Becca’s dedication to understanding this process is key in helping clients take the necessary steps toward success.

Becca utilizes her skills and talents at IMPACT by acting as the main point of contact for clients, bridging the gap between them and their coaches to ensure all parties maximize the benefits of their relationship.

When Becca is outside of work, she enjoys her time tackling challenges, finding new adventures, rock climbing, lifting, and of course, cuddling with her rescue dog, Rex.

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