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Jen Barrell

Content Trainer, 10+ Years of Content & Digital Marketing Strategy

Location: Lombard, IL

Jen's Bio

Jen has witnessed the benefits of the inbound philosophy first-hand, having led content marketing efforts at a growing technology company, where marketing and sales leads each tripled within a year. After getting her start in content creation as an editor in the publishing world, she ran a thriving publishing services agency for 10 years.

A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and an avid fan of mid-century modern design and all things science fiction, Jen lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, son, and a quirky Jack Russell terrier, who are all in the process of making a 100-year-old farmhouse their own.

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Jen's Certifications

Client Management

Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Marketing Software

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media

Contextual Marketing


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