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5 Apps You Didn't Know You Could Use to Improve Office Culture

By Natalie Davis

5 Apps You Didn't Know You Could Use to Improve Office Culture

The other day I was reflecting on the apps I have on my phone (as we all do in our spare time…right?), and I noticed something interesting about five of my favorites. Not only do these apps play a huge part in my life outside of work, but also in the office as well.

Now, I don’t just mean in the typical way that companies use tools to drive business or “generate leads” as we do in inbound marketing (which is also great, of course), but more in the sense of using them among your team, or within the office to enhance everyone’s experience at work.

After chatting about that thought with my good friend and our Content Manager, Ramona Sukhraj, I decided to write-up the ways that five of my favorite apps can be applied in the workplace.  

1. Pinterest

What it Is: Pinterest is a social network that allows users to shared save (formerly know as “pin”) links and photos of interest. Users can categorize their own pins on themed, virtual pinboard, browse and “repin” from others and even collaborate on a shared board.

How to Use Pinterest to Improve Your Office Culture

While Pinterest has some very obvious uses for driving leads, it can also be used to foster collaboration in the workplace.

Crowdsourcing and Decision Making

We’ve recently begun an office re-design initiative. Getting input from the team when making certain decisions, specifically on workplace decor, is very important to us. In an effort to crowdsource everyone’s ideas, we created a collaborative Pinterest board for each room we’re redecorating.

By adding people as collaborators on each board, they were able to pin their own ideas and take a look at what others were thinking. Afterwards, it was easy to visually scan through as a team and choose our favorite items while also making sure everything went together.

Events & Clubs

We’re big fans of events at IMPACT, specifically those that involve food.

For our recent “Netflix and Chili Cookoff” and annual “Dip Day,” we made Pinterest boards to coordinate who is bringing what and give people ideas. This way we were able to ensure no duplicates and a tastefully flawless execution.

Additionally, in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, we created a healthy eating club, dubbed the “IMPACT Bite Club,” by our own Tim Ostheimer.

The group runs in a rotation where different people bring lunch each week. To organize and keep track of the meals that we’ve already had (and again share ideas), we have a group Pinterest board for quick and easy reference.

For your next office event or decision, try creating a Pinterest board to easily involve more people and keep everyone in the loop.

2. Uber

What it is: Uber is an app that allows you to request a ride at the touch of a button, while also monitoring that ride to see their exact arrival time. All charges are done within the app without any physical exchange of money, making it a hassle-free option when you need transportation.

How to Use Uber to Improve Your Office Culture

Getting to the Office

You never know when car troubles will strike and you’ll be left without a convenient mode of transportation. If getting to the office is essential on a certain day, Uber is a reliable option for getting your employees to and from work. Uber offers something called Uber for Business that allows you to pay for rides, while the app automatically monitors if rides follow your custom company guidelines.

Event Transportation

Safety is always top-of-mind at IMPACT. In addition to Uber for Business, the app also conveniently offers an option called Uber Events. This allows you to create a custom promo code and discount for events that your company is throwing.

This gives your employees and guests (specifically the ones who may have had one too many drinks…) the ability to get a safe ride home with your choice of reimbursement or discount. Not a bad idea for the next company holiday party.

3. Amazon [Prime]

What it is
Amazon by itself is an eCommerce store that, for lack of better way of describing, has almost everything under the sun. Amazon Prime, however, is an add-on option for about $100 per year that provides a number of perks within the site, including free two-day shipping on eligible items.

How to Use Amazon Prime to Improve Your Office Culture

Office Supplies

From paper towels to desks and everything in between, Amazon can keep your office stocked with everything you need without spending the time physically to go out and buy it.

Suddenly need a computer mouse? Using Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about racking up senseless shipping costs or waiting weeks for it to arrive. The same goes whether you’re getting supplies delivered to the office or to remote employees.

Corporate Gifts

Sometimes it can be mind-boggling to see not only how long it takes for gifts to get delivered, but also the percentage you’re paying in shipping costs so the delivery isn’t past the event.

To ensure free and on-time arrivals, check out the gifts that qualify for Amazon Prime when sending out a large quantity of shipments. A few times this might come in handy might be sending gifts from your company around the holidays, sending gifts to clients on certain occasions, sending packages to employees, etc.

*If you are using the desktop version instead of the app, go to and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the charity of your choice.  (Thanks to Juliana Rieck for pointing this out in the comments.)

4. Venmo

What it is: After a simple set-up process, Venmo allows you to virtually pay someone within seconds either directly from your bank account, a Venmo balance, or a credit/debit card. After racking up any balance, you can choose to transfer the money directly into your bank account.

How to Use Venmo to Improve Your Office Culture

Between Employees
Our employees use Venmo constantly at IMPACT due to the fact that nobody ever has cash. Whether it’s to pay someone back for a coffee, reimburse on a lunch order, or split a happy hour bill, it’s the quickest way to return borrowed money in any increment without needing to go to the ATM.

I’ve heard about offices that recommend to new employees during their onboarding that they download the app because it’s such a big part of their daily routines. This keeps people involved in all social situations even when they don’t physically have cash to contribute.

5. Heads Up

What it is
Heads up is an app game similar to charades or taboo.

In it, one player places their phone on horizontally on their forehead as a word or phrase pops up and your teammates have to give clues to get you to guess it. From movies to animals to acting out things, there are categories to make everyone happy.

How to Use Heads Up to Improve Your Office Culture

Team Building

We focus on team building a lot at IMPACT, and Heads Up is an excellent team building game. When a lot of good games or activities take research, prep time, or clean up, Heads Up can be played on command. Simply open the app, select a category, and you’re good to go.

We’ve played it a bunch of times at IMPACT where we choose random teams to mix people up, and pick a category that everyone can participate in. Without fail everyone is always laughing and quoting new jokes before the end of the first round. Try using it for your next ice breaker or group competition!

Anything Seem App-ealing?

Sorry, I can’t write a blog post without at least one pun…

I’m hoping that I’ve opened your eyes to some new ways to use these popular apps to enhance parts of your company culture.

What are some of your favorite apps to use in the workplace? I’d love to download a few new ones :)

Free Assessment:

How does your inbound marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.


Marketing Strategy
Published on August 22, 2016

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