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Deals by Stage and Source, the Publisher Model, & the New Academy UX (with Bob Ruffolo) [Hubcast 222]

Deals by Stage and Source, the Publisher Model, & the New Academy UX (with Bob Ruffolo) [Hubcast 222] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

HubSpot Trainer, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

April 18th, 2019 min read

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The one and only Bob Ruffolo is in the house!

Since we always talk about INBOUND on this show, let’s take a second to talk about IMPACT Live. What are you most excited about this year?

Report on This

Pipeline Breakdown by Source

You can do this as single object report with deals.

Did you know? There is an “Original source type” DEAL property that gets populated with “the original source for the associated contact, or associated company if there is no contact, with the oldest value for the Time first seen property.”

This means we can create a report that shows the number of deals in each of our deal stages, broken out by the original source of that deal. Might not be something that sales cares too much about, but probably something marketing cares a TON about!

Want to see if the leads you’re bringing in from inbound are actually turning into deals, and not only that but actually converting into revenue? This is a great way to look at it.

Filters for this one: Close Date is this year (that’s it!)

Here’s what it looks like in the report builder:

Deals by Stage and Original Source (HubSpot Report)

What’s on Our Minds

We’ve been talking a LOT at IMPACT about the “publisher model.”

Bob - why don’t you share a bit about what our vision is with the publisher model, and how that fits into the "They Ask, You Answer" philosophy.

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HubSpot Wishlist: Set up and edit email signatures for other users

Shout out to Nick Bennett (one of IMPACT’s HubSpot Trainers, shoutout to the #HubSquad!) for bubbling this one up:

“In some cases it would be useful to be able to set up and edit signatures for other users, whenever Marketing sets up automated emails for sales or account management.

Either those colleagues are not active users at the moment, or Marketing simply knows best how to quickly set up and edit signatures, which saves a lot of time.”

Vote it Up!

HubSpot Updates

[Now Live] New academy.hubspot.com!

“The goals for this project were to create a consistent design between all of our pages, build a framework that would allow us to create pages in more languages, and enable our website visitors to find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.”
Learn More

The new design is great - much easier to navigate than the old one!

My main gripe (and Stephanie B will agree!) - academy.hubspot.com still isn’t integrated with the Learning Center in your HubSpot portal,

Until Next Time

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Until next time -- This is Carina Duffy & Bob Ruffolo saying to you, get out there and get after it!

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