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George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

May 21, 2015


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Hubcast 43: HubSpot SideKick for Business, Updates & Integrations

George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

May 21, 2015

Hubcast 43: HubSpot SideKick for Business, Updates & Integrations

Welcome back to The Hubcast folks, a weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

Show Notes:

Inbound 2015

New Keynote speaker announced - JONAH PERETTI


Jonah Peretti is co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, the first true social news organisation that provides a pioneer- ing mix of breaking news, entertainment and shareable content. Mr. Peretti, known for creating viral hits, track- ing online social behaviour and building technology to amplify buzz is also a co-founder of The Huffington Post.


HubSpot made INBOUND 2015 agendas for you!

Are you a bit overwhelmed by the number of speakers and sessions available at INBOUND? I know we are... To make it a bit easier, HubSpot made some curated agendas for you.

Pick the type of agenda that you would like, and we'll email it to you. Options include:

  • Marketing & Advanced Marketing
  • Sales
  • Executive
  • Services
  • Designer / Developer
  • Partner & Advanced Partner*

Select however many you'd like and HubSpot will email them all to you! Go Now

Hubcast Fireside Chat at the Omni Parker House

As one of Boston’s historic cornerstones, Omni Parker House displays a character as storied and unique as the town itself. With classic style, modern amenities, and personalized service, we offer one of the finest experiences in the country for leisure and business travelers alike.

HubSpot Wishlist - Add Instagram to the Social Portal!

Importing Companies into the HubSpot CRM - From Chris Heiler...

Marcus and George,

Hey guys. I've got a wishlist item that HS really needs to address. Remember when I suggested they allow users to import contacts without an email address into the HubSpot CRM? Well, now you can do that.

Yeah HubSpot for listening to your customers.

I'd like to see an option for importing companies into the HubSpot CRM. Their dev team will do this for you but you have to have a URL associated with each company. That's too restrictive. So it would be nice if they remove this requirement like they removed the requirement for email address.

We totally agree, not needing to call the dev team and not needing the company URL would make life a lot easier on many HubSPot CRM users.

HubSpot Updates

Introducing Sidekick for Business and Other HubSpot Launches

This week HubSpot, is celebrating their Partners. It's HubSpot’s annual Partner Day event, where their Gold and Platinum Partner Community come together to learn about HubSpot, agencies and all things inbound.

It's also one of the biggest product launch days of our year.

HubSpot has exciting news to share about their new sales tool, Sidekick for Business, as well as Smart Content updates and a ton of new integrations that are now available.

Sidekick for Business

Your sales team plays an important role in driving the growth of your business. But many sales teams are held back by outdated tools that don’t help them sell, and a sales process weighed down by manual work.

That's why HubsSpot is releasing Sidekick for Business, a premium set of sales tools from HubSpot. Sidekick for Business works with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to help your sales team adopt an efficient, modern sales process. Sidekick for Business lets you:­

  • Build and use templates that will save your team time and let you crowdsource the best approaches from across your sales team
  • Place calls directly from your CRM system that are automatically recorded & logged
  • Build a library of sales content, run live presentations, share documents, and collect valuable data on your content in the process

Sidekick for Business is now available for $50 per user per month.

Smart Content

With Smart Content, you can personalize your website for every type of visitor. This week HubSpot launched new smart content features which stretch that level of personalization even further. These updates are available to any HubSpot Professional or Enterprise customer.

If you're a Basic customer, you can try Professional for free for 30 days. These updates may or may not give you reasons to take HubSpot professional for a spin.

Smart Forms: Smart Forms allow you to display relevant forms that optimize conversions based on any of the Smart Rules you have set up. These forms use progressive profiling and can be used in multiple ways, like displaying shorter forms for visitors from mobile devices rather than desktops or different forms for different countries in each respective language.

Smart HTML Modules: This feature allows you to personalize your entire website by adapting custom HTML modules to each visitor. Websites are driven on HTML, and these Smart HTML Modules allow you the flexibility to, for example, display a live chat window only to prospects and not customers who visit your website, or to display different image sliders based on if the contact is from a specific country.

Smart Anonymous CTAs: The same Smart Rules for CTAs are still available, like Contact List and Lifecycle Stage, but now you can optimize your CTAs even further by doing so for anonymous visitors. For example, you can show different CTAs for folks who visit your website from different sources or from different devices.

Template-Level Smart Content: Implementing personalization across your entire website can take a significant amount of time. With Template-Level Smart Content you can create it once, and roll it out across your entire website. With this new feature, you can make any Rich Text, Custom HTML, or Form modules smart.

Smart Icons: Smart Icons is a feature just for you, so it's easy to see which pages contain Smart Content and which do not. You can find these Smart Icons next to pages with Smart Content in the landing pages or site page dashboards.



New Integrations

This week HubSpot is announcing a new set of integrations curated for their customers. These new integrations will allow you to connect data from frequently-used business applications into one central system of record.

Any HubSpot customer can use these integrations as long as they fulfill the requirements of each. So here is the list of the integrations HubSpot announced and where to find more information about them.


The world’s largest community for sharing presentations where you can upload, share and discover content.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and SlideShare - Learn more: Here

*This integration is still in beta but will go live to all soon. The link in the show notes will be updated when it is available to all later this summer.

Perfect Audience

The easiest way to retarget ads across the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Perfect Audience - Learn more: Here


Is a platform to chart any data, anywhere.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and DataHero - Learn more: Here


A predictive lead scoring app for discovering which leads are most likely to convert.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Infer - Learn more: Here


Is all About electronic signatures that are business-caliber, easy-to-use, and legally binding.

Requirements: Paid subscription to HubSpot or the free CRM, HelloSign account (paid or free) - Learn more: Here


Complete call intelligence and analytics on your inbound calls.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Invoca - Learn more: Here


Is an ecommerce software and shopping cart platform.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and BigCommerce - Learn more: Here


A curated network of freelance writers where you can order content on demand.

Requirements: A paid subscription to HubSpot and a Scripted account - Learn more: Here


Is an ecommerce software and shopping cart platform.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Shopify - Learn more: Here


Is a platform allows you to display personalized recommendations to your online visitors.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Brightinfo - Learn more: Here


A mobile and web software designed for user onboarding and in-app communications.

Requirements: Paid subscriptions to HubSpot and Appcues - Learn more: Here

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