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HubSpot Training Day highlights, hacking lead scoring, & the new Sales Analytics tools (Hubcast 265)

HubSpot Training Day highlights, hacking lead scoring, & the new Sales Analytics tools (Hubcast 265) Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

HubSpot Trainer, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

November 3rd, 2020 min read

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We did something new this week that was pretty cool… and it was HubSpot Training Day.

HubSpot Training Day Highlights


  • Kyle Jepsen’s Sales Forecasting talk - the new sales analytics tools are dope! (more to come later)
  • Also, if you are interested in custom objects but haven’t take Kyle’s Academy lesson on them, do it NOW!


  • Opening keynote
  • We had networking!
  • Sponsored demos

Certified Dope

Stories from the front lines of HubSpot user-ing

Rick from Intek Logistics’ Lead Scoring Hack

Can you guess why Rick from Intek would only give 1 point to his most bottom-of-the-funnel action?

Marcus Stirs the Pot

Unsurprising, Marcus has a timely new book out. Check out The Visual Sale here.

Remember that one time?

Remember that one time I had the brilliant idea to have our team members working our INBOUND booth book on the spot meetings? We even allowed them to take notes when they finished with the prospect right in the meetings tool form.

It actually was pretty great, and I,for one, felt pretty great about myself for setting it up — until we realized we had set up the calendar invites to include all of the information from the form submission, which meant whatever internal notes we made about the person got sent to them.

Thank goodness we realized this before anything terrible happened, and thankfully there weren’t any bad notes that had been written — IMPACT people are so pure, am I right? — because that could have gotten real awkward.

HubSpot wishlist: Measure response time on agent reply in inbox

One of the most important metrics customer support reps are typically responsible for is speed. While you can report on response time for tickets, you can’t currently do it for conversations in the Inbox.

Some HubSpot users (especially ones that are using the free or starter tools) don’t have tickets auto-created for their conversations, they just manage everything from the inbox, so they have no visibility into response times.

Vote it Up!

HubSpot updates

Sales Analytics (Sales Pro + Ent)

There is a ton in here, but they’ve broken down to tool into three types of reports: Coach Reps & Teams, Forecasts & Pipelines, and Sales Outcomes.

The Coach Reps & Teams section has reports like lead response time, meeting outcomes, and activities.

The Forecasts & Pipelines section has reports like deal push rate, historical snapshots, and a deal pipeline waterfall summary.

And the Sales Outcomes section has reports like deal loss reasons, revenue by source, and deal velocity.

Like I said, there’s a ton there, and if you’re using Sales Pro and Enterprise you gotta check it out ASAP!

Learn More

View and edit other user’s meetings links!

There was no official announcement about this, but we recently noticed in our portal that you can now view other user’s meetings links and also edit them. Game changer.

Video views on the contact activity timeline

Up until this point you needed a paid version of Vidyard to see any individual contact video activity, but with this update any pro and enterprise user can see video views on the contact timeline!

Learn More

Until next time

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