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Sales and marketing alignment, multiple knowledge bases, and the biggest product update all year [Hubcast 250]

Sales and marketing alignment, multiple knowledge bases, and the biggest product update all year [Hubcast 250] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

Director of HubSpot Training, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

November 14th, 2019 min read

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by HubSpot’s new Contact-based workflows: the day HubSpot changed forever.

It’s been a few weeks since Marcus and Carina were on the mic together - and they’ve got a lot to catch up on!

Certified Dope

Chris DuBois at Lean Labs

Wanted to track how often their sales reps are connecting with prospects (in alignment with their service level agreement (SLA)). 

Initially, Chris created a series of workflows that would check every seven days if contact had been made, and if it had it would increase a custom contact property by a value of one. The only problem was, it was constantly cycling people through workflows, cluttering up their contact record unnecessarily.

So instead, he created one master workflow that enrolls them in three timed workflows for contact within one day, seven days, and 21 days, and then uses a calculated property to add up the number of contacts, and turn it into a score out of 100 for each rep!

Talk about accountability!

Watch Chris explain:



What’s on Marcus’ mind

Sales and marketing alignment -- simple tricks to get aligned.


HubSpot wishlist: Multiple Knowledge Bases

“The ability to create more than one Knowledge base. Similar to having multiple conversation inboxes or ticket pipelines.

This allows for knowledge base segmentation.

Could be for Internal Vs External or Client Vs Prospect (Sales Vs Support)”

Vote it Up!

Shoutout to Jeppe for surfacing this one - especially adding the need to have multilingual support for Knowledge Bases!

HubSpot updates

Export Data on All Your Workflows 

“With today's update, your workflow export now includes data on all your workflows, not just your contact workflows.

To export your workflow data, navigate to Automation > Workflows > Export Workflows. The export now includes all workflows, including company, deal, ticket, and workflows.

Note that, as a part of this update, email performance data has been removed from the export. The email data can be found in your email tool via Marketing > Email > Export Emails. The email export includes an "associated workflows" column for filtering, and is more robust than the data that previously lived in the workflow export.”

Learn More


A New Engine for your Workflows

“Any workflows in the new system will have access to the following new actions:

  • Go to action (merging branches). Connect if/then branches with to streamline your most complex workflows.
  • Slack notifications. Trigger Slack updates when certain contact-based actions are taken. For example, notify sales reps of a new lead or marketers of a new webinar registrant.
  • Asana task creation. Create a task in Asana when certain trigger criteria are met in HubSpot.
  • Copy contact properties to deal, quote, and tickets. For example, when a lead fills out a form, copy some of their submission details to a new deal. As a part of the update, you can also set and clear deal, quote, and ticket properties with contact workflows.

In addition, you'll see minor updates to exports and delays with the migration to the new system. For the full scoop, read through this help doc.”


Learn More

This may be the biggest update all year.

Scale your automation with twice as many workflows in Enterprise

“As of today, if you have the enterprise tier of any HubSpot hub, you now have twice as many workflows as before --- 1000, instead of 500.”

Learn More


Until next time

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Until next time. This is Carina Duffy & Marcus Sheridan saying to you, get out there and get after it!

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