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Sales operations wins, best HubSpot certs for beginners, and the 'They Ask You Answer' audio book [Hubcast 247]

Sales operations wins, best HubSpot certs for beginners, and the 'They Ask You Answer' audio book [Hubcast 247] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

Director of HubSpot Training, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

October 24th, 2019 min read

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by Marcus’ audio version of They Ask, You Answer Revised and Updated, coming soon to ears near you!

Marcus spent last week recording the audio version of They Ask, You Answer Revised and Updated - find out what it was like and what he learned.


Certified Dope: Devin from DigitalMarketer

Stories from the front lines of HubSpot user-ship

Devin is a sales operations manager at DigitalMarketer, and one of my favorite HubSpot nerds of all time.

She recently shared this story via the HubSpot User Slack:

“So, about a month ago, we decided to come up with a high-value segment of prospects who are familiar with our partner program, but may not know we recently restructured the whole thing.

[The partner program is] essentially a turn-key framework in which you can use our resources or add them to yours and offer services that end up with you creating passive income by reselling our subscriptions to them OR after they spend 90 days working through their marketing framework with you, they keep you on retainer.

We mailed ~5K people with a CTA to simply reply to the email from our CEO for access to an overview of the program. We routed the replies to Conversations and our newest rep for him to reply with the link to the webinar and start conversations.

Here were the results:

Total Sent - 4,887

Open Rate - 25.55%

Total Replies - 258 (5.2%)

# of Meetings Scheduled - 19

Deals in Pipeline - 14

This week. We hit the same list again. Admittedly, this was my mistake and it was not our intent. I meant mail a new segment and include the non-openers from the first broadcast... But here’s what’s interesting!

This time, we changed the subject line from “are you a marketing consultant?” to “how to earn $3,500 per month retainers.” And we changed the CTA from a reply for access to the link to just click on the link included in the email.

Here’s what has happened since 10/8:

Total Sent - 4,900

Open Rate - 29%

Total Clicks - 293 (5.9%)

Session Registrations: 193 and counting… the form has a 40% CR so far

Applications on the session page: 31 and counting.. the form has a 10% CR so far

# of Meetings Scheduled - 17

Deals in Pipeline - ~27”

Devin is one of those people who is always testing something and looking at the data, and I love the spirit of this - even if you didn’t execute exactly how you meant to, you can still analyze the results and learn things from it!


What’s on Marcus’ mind

What HubSpot Academy certifications should someone just getting started with HubSpot be doing?

Marcus pick’s Carina’s mind on this one.


HubSpot wishlist: Allow drag and drop email editor to automatically use system branding settings

“Currently, the drag and drop email editor does NOT pull from system brand settings.  So every time you want to create a new email you have to change font colors, fonts, and button colors.

As part of the system set-up the brand primary and secondary colors (as well as additional brand colors) can be added.  It's a waste of user's time to have to then change these colors every time the drag and drop editor is used.”

Vote it Up!

Overall, the new drag and drop email editor is a huge improvement from the old editor, BUT it’s hiccups like this that make it frustrating and time-consuming to use. Help us!!


HubSpot updates

Meet prospects and customers where they are with Facebook Messenger

“Now live is a free Facebook Messenger integration that enables you to create a Messenger bot welcome experience on your Facebook Business page and manage all of your Messenger conversations from your Conversations inbox.

In addition to the above, Sales Hub and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise tiers are able to automatically connect prospects and customers to the right people on your team (paid seats within Sales Hub and Service Hub only).”
Learn More


Sneak peek: Live beta for attribution reporting for Enterprise… ON WEBSITE PAGE DETAILS PAGES!

This appeared in the IMPACT portal the other day!

It’s pulling in the attribution reporting data into an individual website page’s Page Details. You can change the attribution model (which will change how much revenue is attributed). So cool!

Until next time

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