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Sharon Warttig

Website Project Manager, 11+ years of Project Management Experience, 5+ Years of Marketing Experience

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Sharon's Bio

Sharon has been in a project management capacity since 2010 for a restaurant development company, a mergers and acquisition firm, and a digital content educator and direct to consumer e-commerce retailer. She has been "web-weaving" since 2015, as a strategic marketing leader.

A Lindenwood University graduate in Digital Content Strategy, Sharon discovers unique value propositions, builds brand awareness, and substantiates personas. She enjoys seeking opportunities to optimize web presence through split testing. As a website project manager at IMPACT, Sharon's goal is to achieve a remarkable client experience by ensuring both the client and IMPACT hit milestones and deadlines, uphold the highest quality standards we pride ourselves on, and stay within budget.

Outside of her role at IMPACT, Sharon is passionate about fitness and nature and enjoys attending live concerts and festivals. She is a self-professed popcorn addict and falls in love with places she has never been and people she has never met.     

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