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Terrence Robinson Brown

Video Marketing Producer, 5+ Years of Videographer Experience

Location: New Haven, CT

Terrence's Bio

Terrence Robinson Brown is a Video Content Producer at IMPACT.

His journey as a videographer began in 2002 while working full-time as a teacher in New York City. He had no idea that producing an independent comedy show on the Public Access network would eventually lead to a full-time career in video 20 years later.

With a Bachelor's in Physics and a Master's in Education, he has always wondered about the 'how and why' behind any topic in order to deliver complex information to others in a way they can understand. Although he left the classroom, Terrence still feels a great sense of purpose and passion through education.

His vision is to create onscreen content that inspires and educates individuals who want to understand and serve their audience and customers in a more authentic way. Terrence likes to bring his high-energy attitude to all of his work. He believes in challenging himself daily by learning new skill sets surrounding topics like motion graphics, graphic design, modern marketing techniques, and playing piano. 

When he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, you will probably find him, working out, reading, or hanging out with his awesome wife and daughter in Shelton, CT.

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