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2 Psychological Hacks to Get More Conversions On Your Landing Pages

2 Psychological Hacks to Get More Conversions On Your Landing Pages Blog Feature

Ramona Sukhraj

Associate Director of Content, Strategized Initiatives That Increased IMPACT’s Website Traffic From ~45K to ~400K

September 1st, 2015 min read

2-quick-psychological-hacks-to-getting-more-conversions-featuredAs Marketers, we're in the persuasion business. It's our job to present our product, service, or offering in the best light possible, in order to make the sale or earn a new lead. Unfortunately, these days, this is getting harder than ever to do.

With so much noise and saturation online, we need to find new ways to catch a readers interest and get them to convert. 

We can't just take a walk in their shoes, we need to get inside their heads.

Here are 2 quick psychological hacks to do just that on your landing pages. 

1. Introduce Scarcity

Famed psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Robert Cialdini says perceived scarcity creates demand.

It’s one of the oldest tools in a marketer’s tool belt. Every infomercial in history leans heavily on the “call now” or “limited time only” tactic for increasing sales.

As a result, you have to be careful here, as you can go from persuasive to shady really quickly.

Noah Kagan, founder of OkDork and Facebook employee number 30, utilizes scarcity with the right balance that gets people (myself included) to sign up for whatever he is promoting. (His email list numbers over 700,000.)


Notice how he still provides value? This is unimportant, as relying solely on scarcity can come across as shady. But coupled with a free 30-day course focused on teaching me the secrets for doubling my email subscribers? I’m in. 

How to Use Scarcity on Your Landing Page

  • Make offers limited in time, quantity, and scope
  • Include gifts available for a specified period
  • Embed countdown timers on the page (the clock's ticking)

2.  Create a Knowledge Gap (Pique Curiosity)

One of the most proven ways of drawing an audience in is by introducing a knowledge gap, one which piques their curiosity, and then show them how to fill it.

Chip and Dan Heath, bestselling authors of Made to Stick, describe this phenomon as follows:

“We can engage people’s curiosity over a long period of time by systematically ‘opening gaps’ in their knowledge – and then filling those gaps.”

More simply, it’s natural that we all want to learn about things we perceive to not know now.

Here’s how Unbounce, the landing page builder for marketers, employs this tactic.


Common misconceptions that are killing my landing pages?

What?! If they’re common, there’s a pretty good chance I could be committing them too, right?

Well, now I need to know.

How to Create a Knowledge Gap on Your Landing Page

  • Challenge your audience's conventional wisdom
    • Ex. The real reasons no one is reading your blog.
  • Pose questions your audience doesn't know the answer to or pose introspection.
    • Ex. Are you using these 3 hacks to increase productivity at work?

Want More Landing Page Hacks?

The content above was an excerpt from "Generate Even More Leads from Your Landing Pages" an eBook from the IMPACT Conversion Collection. In the full text, we'll share more psychologically proven hacks to help you build better landing pages and get more conversions through content. 

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