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5 Ways to Create Killer Blog Content Under a Time Crunch

5 Ways to Create Killer Blog Content Under a Time Crunch Blog Feature

Katie Pritchard

VP of Services, 8+ Years of Client-Facing Project Management & Digital Marketing Expertise

October 27th, 2015 min read

clockCreating blog content is super easy, right? (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

Even the best writers have writer’s block from time to time. Keeping a log of ideas handy would be useful, but sometimes you might not have time to write out that ‘in-depth analysis report’ you’ve had on your list for months.

Depending on your persona and line business, you may be the only one who can write content - or at least you feel that way right now. Whatever your case may be, here are a few different techniques to creating quick, killer blog content under a time crunch.

1. Reply to an Influencer

If you’ve created thorough buyer personas, you’ll know who they look to as an influencer or thought leader. Follow their social channels and take note of their website for what they’re talking about -- it could be a gold mine for content creation!

For example, let’s say your influencer just published a report or blog post reflecting their ideas on a big industry event. If this is something your audience would be interested in, start pulling pull out quotes (of course, always citing and linking properly when you do).

As you pull these quotes/comments, think about and jot down your own response or opinion on what they’ve said. Not only will your persona want to read what the influencer has to say, but they’ll also find your input valuable

Doing this will also not only allow you to capitalize off of the influencer’s recognizable name, but allow you to showcase your expertise alongside theirs. Take this example from IMPACT client, Accelerance.

Follow up and Promotion Tip: Once you’ve written your response to an influencer, mention them on social! You may catch their attention and a link back to your site from theirs wouldn’t be so bad, either.

If you don’t have that documented, start with the top 10 people in their industry that they look for information from Make sure you’re regularly checking in on these individuals -

2. Share Expert Quotes

In similar fashion, if you like what an influencer is saying on social or has said at speaking engagement, embed their posts or quote them in an article, along with others on the same topic. By combining anywhere from 5-20 posts, and simply adding an intro and conclusion, you’ll have an article in no time!

Follow Up and Promotion Tip: Similar to my first example, use each influencer’s handle or social profile in separate promotional posts to let them know you’re talking about them. If you’re lucky, they’ll return the favor with a share to their followers.

3. Ask Your Team a Question

You work with smart people; Have them help you out!

Come up with a question or look through your sales team’s notes for one your prospects are always asking or something they need to know during the awareness stage.

Pass that question around your team with a requirement of 3-5 sentences and get it sent back to you by a specific deadline. Compile those quotes (along with your co-workers’ names and links to their social profiles!) then write an intro and conclusion for a fast and engaging post.

I got this idea from my favorite content creator - Ramona :) She puts one of these out for IMPACT every Friday and it always gets an impressive number of views and shares. Check out our latest one here.

I also recently tried a slight variation of this for one of our IMPACT clients, Newport Board Group. For them, I passed around a survey to over 50 of the company’s partners. Then, over an extended period of time, I repurposed their responses into various types of content (eBooks, blog articles, etc.) You can see their most popular post from this survey here.

Follow Up and Promotion Tip: Grab a section from each person’s quote, and use it as social posts to build up their personal brand.

4. Update an Old Article and Republish

Hate to say it, but if you’ve been blogging for a while, some of your content is probably already outdated.

That’s why this idea is not only time-saving, it’s essential.

Not only is updating a post great for SEO, but it also aids in the effort of “evergreen content.” When you update an article, you look at it with fresh eyes - perhaps re-reading a post from a few months ago will spark a memory of an influencer’s post you recently read, or a piece of insight that you think your personas will find valuable.

Either way, take a look through old articles and see what information you can update. HubSpot has a great guide on how to do this (while increasing your conversion rate and keyword ranking!)

5. Share an eBook Excerpt  

We all know you worked very hard to write a high-quality piece of premium content to gather leads. Why not get even more out of it and use that content for the next few blog articles this month? You can go about it one of two ways:

  1. Post an excerpt. Write an intro, then clearly state that this is excerpt 1 of [insert title]. That way your reader will get the concept, and they can choose to continue reading by clicking on a strategically placed mid-post CTA like this one.

  2. Pull bits and pieces of the eBook, and create a little more content (maybe going into detail about a specific concept within that section). This extra content will provide value, and won’t be word-for-word copied from the eBook you want them to download. Again, you’ll want to offer the ebook in a CTA within the post.


Make your content valuable. While these ideas are fast and can help you churn out more under a time crunch, they’re all designed to still provide valuable, educational material to your audience.

If you can only block out one or two hours during a week to write and schedule content, it’s more than enough time to write a post from one of these ideas - so there’s no excuses! Try to set a goal or block out a time to write and review content - then stick to it.

Let me know your favorite ways of creating quick content in the comments section below!

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