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George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Jun 2, 2017


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Hubcast 141: INBOUND Partner Days, Lead Nurturing, & YouTube SEO

George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Jun 2, 2017

Hubcast 141: INBOUND Partner Days, Lead Nurturing, & YouTube SEO

#Inbound17 Event

Kick off your INBOUND 2017 experience with a day just for you, our HubSpot Agency Partners.

Angela O'Dowd and her team are hard at work creating another wonderful partner experience.

New for 2017, we're hosting a full day event exclusively for HubSpot partners, before the INBOUND festivities begin. This full day event is open only to Certified HubSpot Agency Partners.
Limited to 2,000 partners.

We plan on sending our entire team. Why you might ask?

Go register while there is room left.

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HubSpot Strategy

Lead Nurturing Is A Must

Are you doing lead nurturing with all of your Inbound Campaigns?

Check out this article.

You need to have goals for each email you send.

Setting goals and writing emails

Smart marketers always remember to set goals for each of their emails. Use the
following examples as a guideline for your lead nurturing campaign.

Build Trust (Great for first email after a download)

Build trust and relevancy of content with the lead to increase the chance of future
emails being opened.

Add Value (Blogs, videos, podcasts – ungated content)

Present yourself as a thought leader. Serve up additional free content that is relevant
to their challenges and buyer’s journey phase.

Next Phase Offer (Premium offer – gated content)

Provide an offer that moves the lead into the next phase of their buyer’s journey.
Remember to always deliver the offer that will move them in the right direction
towards making a purchase decision.

Collect Information (Survey, Poll)

Gather needed information for better personalization or future content creation
for that personas challenges and goals.

Breakup (Send email if lead did not reach email goal)

Breakup email: Make it clear this is the last email that they will be receiving about
this topic. Get the lead to subscribe to the blog or provide a resource recap to help
them stay engaged.

  • Create a story with your lead nurturing campaign that is actionable and lovable.
  • Write your emails in the second person. Write about them, not about you.

Learn more about lead nurturing and so much more by scheduling a HIT workshop.

HubSpot Updates

Check out this article we found.

[HubSpot Connect] - Databox Integration


Databox is reporting software that integrates different system’s metrics and analytics into a single, mobile friendly, customizable dashboard. They currently integrate with many applications including HubSpot Marketing and CRM/Sales.
Start a free trial of Databox to build your own customer HubSpot reporting dashboards.

Learn More

[Now live (opt-in)] - The new Social Media Tools

Starting today (May 30th) you can opt-in to the new, refreshed version of HubSpot Social, via the switcher in the bottom right of the screen. This new updated version of the Social Media tools features the new visual UI and all new Settings, Compose, and Reporting features. More updates to social are coming soon.

Learn More

Sunset Central

[Sunsetting] Landing Page Comparison

Landing pages are the pipeline of your inbound marketing success. As a result, we seek out every metric we can on success, and how to optimize our pages. That's why -- in October 2015 -- we introduced an easy way to compare the performance of your landing pages within HubSpot.

Learn More

HubSpot Wish List

Templates for Notes in CRM

Submitted by wilkins

We have standard criteria for sales calls that we want to capture and filling out a template within a note would be very convenient. Adding a bunch of custom fields to a deal doesn't really do the trick either because it requires a lot of scrolling to view all info in the left-hand banner and those fields are not formattable.

We have access to pinning of notes through the beta (very valuable) and I'd love to pin this template to the top of every deal.

ndwilliams3 Also said…

Totally agree this would be a great feature. Our sales team also has specific questions they try to get answered during a call. Some of this data would be great to have as contact properties as well. However, adding all this to the about section would be too much. Having the ability to load a form template within the notes section would be great. When saving, it would update the corresponding contact properties, but also save the data in the note activity on the timeline (similar to how form submissions look).

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Exclusive Insight

Invite-only means we’re hand-picking the best marketing and sales leaders so you’re surrounded with like-minded attendees for an experience and content tailored to you.

Meaningful Connections

Picture the value of being in a room with people just like you. With over 150 attendees and approachable speakers, you’re guaranteed to meet someone who will help you validate the work you’re doing and gain a new perspective on marketing leadership.

A Darn Good Time.

Events get boring when you’re just sitting in the same seat for hours on end. We break with tradition, stacking each day with speaker sessions, breakouts, activities, and happy hours to keep you engaged and entertained.

Event Date:

August 1st August 2nd

(Workshops on July 31st)

Event Location:

The Society Room

31 Pratt Street, Hartford CT 06103

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Tweet Of The Week


Question Of The Week

Is YouTube important for my Inbound & Content Marketing arsenal? If so, how can I make sure my Youtube videos are SEO Optimized.

The Sales Lion Article: 3 Essential YouTube Tools to Improve Your Video SEO

Check out this HubSpot article on YouTube SEO.

Video SEO Video with Brian Dean


Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.