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Dan Baum

By Dan Baum

Aug 14, 2012


Lead Generation
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Lead Generation

Landing Page Form Statistics & Graphs

Dan Baum

By Dan Baum

Aug 14, 2012

Landing Page Form Statistics & Graphs

 Landing pages, landing pages, landing pages! It seems to be all we hear about when it comes to lead generation - and most companies are taking advantage of just that! We all know that fully optimized landing pages are a must. But what always seems to miss the landing page

sales pitch is the aspect of forms on landing pages. So, we've decided to come up with this list of landing page form statistics and graphs on the importance of adding high-quality landing page forms to your lead generation campaign.

Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella hosted a a webinar on lead generation that talked all about improving your landing pages and your landing page forms. If you want to learn more from the webinar, click here

These landing page form statistics show the the staggering data of today's online world, and are sure to convince you to start improving your forms. Whether you need to know why your landing pages aren't performing like the should, convince management to make landing pages a priority, or you just really love landing pages (we sure do!), enjoy this wondrous list of landing page form statistics that show you why you need great landing page forms!

Landing Page Form Statistics to Improve your Forms & Lead Generation


1. Number of Form Fields

As the number of form fields increases, the number of conversions decreases. If you want the most conversions possible from your landing pages, 3 fields is the optimal number. This all depends however! If you have a ton of leads, then you might want to weed out the unqualified ones by adding more fields. The more you know, the better when it comes to leads

2. Number of Text Fields

Text Fields are great! These fields are where visitors enter a word or two to give you their information. You can put as many of these as you want (to a certain extent of course) and the conversion rate wont alter very much. These fields are easy to fill out and quick, so they are more appealing to your landing page visitors.

3. Number of Select Boxes

Select boxes are good too! These are where visitors click a drop down menu that allows them to choose an answer to your form question. They aren't as user friendly as text fields, as they see a steady decline the more you have, but they still offer a quick and easy answer.

4. Number of Text Areas

Now the big guy. Text areas. This is a huge block of writing area where visitors can write paragraphs answering your question. These are not good for your conversion rates. Although they have potential to give you a lot of information about your leads, they always show a decline in conversion rates.

5. Occurrence of "Age"

When you talk about landing page content, even a few words can make a huge difference in your conversion rates. Take the word "Age" for example. When landing pages don't ask for a visitors age, they have a much higher conversion rate. People can get creeped out by this! If your company sells products to people of a variety of ages, for example, then adding an age field would be necessary. It all depends on your company. But if you're selling insurance, don't ask their age. It's not necessary for your business!

6. Occurrence of "Address"

Another field that can hurt conversion rates is the address field. Adding zip code level fields or city/state fields is one thing, but asking for a street and address can scare leads away. It's not a privacy issue, its a harassment issue. Leads don't want you coming to their front door trying to sell them encyclopedias. Now if you have to ship them something, you obviously need their address. Thats totally different. But again, it all depends on your business.

7. Telephone Reference

Asking for a telephone number is also bad for conversion rates, much like asking for an address. Again, leads don't want to sit through a sales phone call, so don't ask leads for a phone number unless it's necessary for your business. Leads don't want to be harassed!

8. Button Text

Your visitors are afraid of commitment. It's hard to admit, but it's true. The button at the bottom of your form can make all the difference in your lead conversions. A lead can fill out a whole form, and then leave your site due to your scary button of commitment. Words like "Submit", "Download", and "Register" are words that make your leads wonder "What am I getting myself into?". So adding different words like "Click Here" and "Go" are much more friendly.

Here at IMPACT, we love landing pages! They are extremely beneficial to reeling in leads. But they can be confusing! If you are struggling with your landing pages, let us know! We can help you!

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.