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4 Lead-Capturing Benefits of an Animated Introduction Video

4 Lead-Capturing Benefits of an Animated Introduction Video Blog Feature

August 9th, 2012 min read

Adding an animated introduction video to your site is a great way to instantly capture your traffic and keep them on your site. I mean, let's be honest. You would much rather watch a video that explains a company to you instead of reading a huge webpage with loads of content on it. It's understandable! We totally agree.

But that's a huge reason why video is so great! It can capture an endless amount of traffic on your site. YouTube is the second largest search engine! That's right; it beats Yahoo and Bing, and is second only to Google. This is a HUGE amount of potential customers! Capture these potential leads with this list of four benefits of an animated introduction video!

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4 Benefits of an Animated Introduction Video

Capture a Broader Audience 

With an eye-grabbing animated introduction video, more people are going to want to stay on your website, but more importantly they will want to stay on your site longer. When they watch your video, they will want to learn more about your company. Visitors will also trust your company more than without an animated introduction video. It gives you more credibility and pushes leads throughout the rest of your site.

Way more people will convert into leads as they continuously learn about your company. Video makes up 40% of web traffic! Putting your company in this statistic can't hurt, right? 40% more exposure? No complaints here! The more information your can shove into your website visitors' heads with the least amount of effort the better. You just watch. Add an animated introduction video, and the lead conversions will drastically increase.

Further Push your Brand

Your brand is what identifies you, and more importantly it's what separates you from your competition. Check out the homepages of your competition. If they have an animated introduction video, then they have a leg up on you and your brand! But if you're the one with the upper hand, it just makes business easier

By branding your video, it gives your company instant recognition and increases your reputation. Placing an animated introduction video on your homepage increases your chances of being ranked first on Google by 53%. Without a video you are missing out on an opportunity to be found by a gigantic audience of potential clients.

Utilize the Power of YouTube

As I said before, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. So what about being on YouTube wouldn't be advantageous? There are over 300 MILLION accounts on YouTube to date. And you don't even need an account to use YouTube! So there are even more than this incredible number of potential customers that could watch your video!

More Content to Share via Social Media

Ever had that "Oh No! what in the would do I post now?" moment? I know the feeling. If you have video, you have all this content that you can use at any time. Whether it be the video itself, or content in the video, it's more content you have. You can even write blog posts based on your video!

When you post your animated introduction video to social media sites, you increase your chance of it going viral. Viral just happens. You can't control it, you can't predict it, but it could happen! Having a video that can be used in an unlimited number of ways makes “going viral” easier. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a block of text "go viral", have you? It's a wondrous phenomenon, and it can drastically increase your lead conversion rates. And who doesn't want that?

Creating an animated introduction video takes time and creativity, but it is an awesome way to get the word out abut your business, and capture more website traffic! Anyone have any interesting video stories? Drop us a comment!

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