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What Emotional Messages Are Your Brand Colors Sending? [Infographic]

What Emotional Messages Are Your Brand Colors Sending? [Infographic] Blog Feature

October 23rd, 2015 min read

emotional-messages-of-color-theory-infographic-2Color is a powerful thing.

Besides making a visual impact, decades of studies have shown that color can make a big emotional impact as well. As a Marketers or Designer, you need to be aware of these effects when choosing colors for your logo, website, or brand in general.

Whether it’s for your homepage, landing page, eBook cover, or a social graphic, in the infographic below, I’ve outlined a few color theory basics and recent data to help inform your design decisions.

With information from KissMetrics and HelpScout amongst others, here are some of the key points illustrated:

  • Blue is the most common “favorite color” amongst both men and women.

  • Green elicits feelings of youth, happiness, warmth, intellect, and energy.

  • 30% of people associate orange with cheap or inferior products

  • Males tend to gravitate towards brighter colors, while women gravitate to softer tones.

  • 20% of women named brown as their least favorite color

Check out the full infographic below:


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