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25 Quick Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

25 Quick Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates Blog Feature

Carolyn Edgecomb

Talent & Office Manager, 7+ Years of Logistics and New Hire Management

August 5th, 2013 min read

25 Quick Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion RatesIf you need to reach your lead generation goal for the month what do you do?

Your first answer should be to increase the number of landing pages you have. Companies with 30 to 40 landing pages get 7 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

If you're landing pages aren't up to par and you aren't reaching your monthly lead goal, you might be wondering what's broken.

It could be because you aren't sending them to the landing page or you aren't providing them any value.

Don't be left out in the cold.

No one wants to miss the opportunity to increase his or her landing page conversions.

With a few quick fixes you will be generating leads in no time at all.

Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

1. CTA and landing page copy need to convey the same message and value.

2. Don't ask for information you don't need. That extra information just might scare them away.

3. Eliminate any distractions by removing the navigation bar from your landing pages.

4. People love testimonials. Showcase what others are saying about your offer.

5. Guide your audience's eye with formatting. Make sure your information is organized and easy to see.

6. Convey value quickly when developing your landing page copy. Don't include fluff after fluff. Dive right into the benefits and need your offer fulfills.

7. If they love your offer let them share it by adding social share buttons to your landing page. They most likely know that some of their followers will find the info useful.

8. Direct all CTA's to the appropriate landing page. Unfortunately, 44% of B2B clicks are sent to a company's homepage.

9. Is your headline-turning people away? Ensure that the headline is related to the content and offer you're providing. At a glance does your visitor know what your landing page offers? If not, they should.

10. Optimize your Meta description. The higher you rank, the more chances you'll have of attracting prospects and getting them to convert.

11. Your call-to-action should direct visitors. Telling them what to do and what they will get. Remember to use action words like download, request and click here.

12. Write your landing page copy in the second person. Visitors want to know how you will help them. For example: learn how you can drive more relevant traffic to your blog.

13. Keep your copy above the fold. If your copy is too long, visitors will leave before you have the chance to convey value.

14. Does that image relate to your copy? If not, don't use it. It will distract your visitors and send them mixed signals. They won't fill out your form if they are confused about what need it will fulfill.

15. Not sure what headline, copy or call-to-action will attract visitors and produce more conversions? Don't be afraid to conduct an A/B test.

16. Include as little outbound links as possible. They will be your biggest threat, especially if you're sending visitors away from your website.

17. Use color and contrast to make your call-to-action pop off the page. Don't let it get lost. Color can also be used to create an emotional response.

The psychology behind these 15 colors:

  • Red: danger, stop, negative, excitement, hot

  • Dark Blue: stable, calming, trustworthy, mature

  • Light Blue: youthful, masculine, cool

  • Green: growth, positive, organic, go, comforting

  • White: pure, clean, honest

  • Black: serious, heavy, death

  • Gray: integrity, neutral, cool, mature

  • Brown: wholesome, organic, unpretentious

  • Yellow: emotional, positive, caution

  • Gold: conservative, stable, elegant

  • Orange: emotional, positive, organic

  • Purple: youthful, contemporary, royal

  • Pink: youthful, feminine, warm

  • Pastels: youthful, soft, feminine, sensitive

  • Metallic: elegant, lasting, wealthy

18. Your landing page URL is important not only to improve on-page SEO, but it can also convey your site structure to those search engines. Remember to keep it short and use slashes when necessary to separate concepts and phrases.

19. Less is more when it comes to increasing landing page conversions. Embrace white space, and keep text and photos on the page simple and to the point.

20. It's all about design. Make your form appear shorter. Even if you're only asking four questions, adjust your styling. You'll be surprised at the difference it will make.

21. Include a link to your privacy policy. It will make you more transparent, credible and trustworthy to form-wary visitors.

22. Your offer should only provide one goal. Therefore, you should only include one call-to-action on your landing page. Ensure that it only has one objective.

23. If you wouldn't fill out the form, what makes you think your visitors will? Consider utilizing progressive profiling and smart forms.

24. Once you've created your thank you page, remember to include no index, no follow HTML.

25. Don't forget to engage once your visitors have converted into leads. Send them to a thank you page and an auto response email.

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