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Dan Baum

By Dan Baum

Jul 26, 2012


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5 Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Syncing Website Forms, Email Marketing & CRM

Dan Baum

By Dan Baum

Jul 26, 2012

5 Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Syncing Website Forms, Email Marketing & CRM


Syncing website formsEver been in that frustrating situation where your TV, DVD player, VCR, and cable box all had a separate remote that you had to use? Well, probably not, at least not since the late 80's when the first universal remote came around. But anyways, it must have been a real chore to not lose 4 remotes, to change the batteries, and fix other remote related problems, right?

Well, in today's day and age, this same frustration exists online for businesses. They have to separate dozens of websites from one another, all to stay relevant in the ever-changing modern world. A few emails here, who's filling out forms, which prospects are qualified, it all adds up to any email marketer's nightmare. This is why at IMPACT, we use the HubSpot Content Manager to sync together all those sites with all that information, and put it in one convenient place for analysis. It's the online version of the Universal Remote! We've created this list of astonishing benefits that will convince you to start syncing your website forms, email marketing, and CRM today!

What is HubSpot's Content Manager?

Well I'm glad you asked. It's this nifty software that allows you to have everything marketing related in one place. You can track your web pages, lead conversion rates, email campaign statistics, social media prospects, pretty much everything your company needs to be a tycoon in the online marketing world.

What information does HubSpot's Content Manager track?

The content management system tracks all the information about your website, landing pages, emails, and social media platforms, and makes it readily available for analysis. You can find out the most viewed page on your website, and see which page needs improvement. All of your social media platforms are connected to the Content Manager, and you can schedule social media posts, interact with followers, and create offers to entice your Facebook friends. All your email information is tracked as well, and you can improve you emails based on information like unsubscribe rates, click through rates, and bounce rates. It is an inbound marketing machine, and it makes the online world a bit easier to battle. If you are interested in using a content manager like HubSpot, talk with us today to customize your CMS solution!

Okay lets get down to it. Here's IMPACT's list of Jaw-Dropping Benefits for syncing your website, email marketing, and CRM!

5 Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Syncing Website Forms, Email Marketing & CRM

1.Track all user communication in one place. Every user that visits your website is tracked, and all their information is visible so that you can convert them into a lead. When they first enter your site, you can see which pages on you site that they go to. You see which links they clicked on, the forms they've filled out, and how many times they've seen your site. This is extremely important because it allows you to optimize your web pages so they capture the most leads possible. If 60% of your leads are coming from a certain call to action on your website, then you know you should be using this CTA in more places. So put it on your emails and blog to increase your leads more. Yes, i know what your thinking, it is a little creepy, but its all necessary for you to make your marketing program as powerful as it can be.

2. Behavior Based Marketing. Based on a user’s activity on the website, you can have them dynamically added to segmented lists and market to them based on their behavior with email marketing and lead nurturing. If one user fills out your form on a landing page, you can use this information to sort your leads. Say your business sells insurance. If your ebook or webinar's landing page asks a user if they do or do not have insurance, then you will want to email them different emails. You could advertise your own insurance if they don't have insurance, and you can compare your insurance with other insurance companies to try to persuade that lead to switch. If you send these leads relevant information that they are interested, then they will be that much more likely to use your company in the future.

3. Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing. In the past, marketing and sales have been independent. No more! Now you can see where the leads come from, and how you can improve. Instead of making a congruent sales pitch for all your leads, you might want to treat leads from twitter differently than from your blog. These could be very different types of people, so you might be more successful with different types of sales communication. When your sales team can see all the lead activity, it allows them to create a profile for your leads, with customizable approaches for making sales. If you're getting the most traffic to your website, but twitter generates a higher lead conversion, you need a serious content revamp, or even a website redesign. This information can be the difference between breaking even and making lots of profit.

4. Shorter Sales Cycle. When everything is all in one convenient place, it makes things much more efficient and painless. Instead of taking your leads and contacting them separately from how you got the leads, mistakes can be made and it is much less organized. When you sync your CRM with your lead generation, you can quickly nurture these leads in an efficient fashion. Your businesses sales team can also see all user engagement with you brand so that they can better identify your needs. You can take advantage of your social media platforms and see where the most business comes from, and see where improvement is needed.

5. Closed Loop Analytics. When you track how every customer is first engaged with your brand and what activities lead them to becoming a customer, you can make smarter marketing decisions. You can perform A/B testing on your site to see which graphics perform better, and optimize your landing pages to create the most amount of leads. Syncing your social media platforms allows you to better optimize these mediums for the mor=st lead generation possible.

Having trouble syncing your website forms, emails, or CRM? Give us a call here at IMPACT to learn how we can help!


Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.