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"Is Creating Content Simple or Never Easy?" (Content Lab)

"Is Creating Content Simple or Never Easy?" (Content Lab) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

October 31st, 2018 min read

Earlier this week, I received an email from a Content Lab listener with an astute observation.

In a previous episode, I had said to be successful with content creation comes down to a "simple" choice -- you either choose to commit to creating content or you don't. Once you make the choice to create content, your life gets infinitely easier.

But then, later on in that very same episode, I say that creating content is never easy.

So, which is it? Is creating content simple or never easy? Or "are easy and simple different?"

He had a point. 

To answer his question, yes -- easy and simple in this context are very different. 

On the one hand, creating content takes work and mental brain power -- just like anything else we do in marketing.

Even when you make the choice to commit yourself to content, you don't suddenly get to skip over all of the steps required to get a piece of content across the finish line. You still need to take time to brainstorm, to ask yourself if you're telling the right story in the best way possible, and revise your drafts until you get whatever it is that you're writing just right. 

On the other hand, the choice to create content remains a simple one. You're either all-in and ready to put in the work or you're not.

Unfortunately, many knowingly or unknowingly trap themselves in a mental tug-of-war between understanding they want to, need to, or have been told to create content, and never fully committing themselves mentally to being a content creator. 

(As if avoiding making the choice will somehow make their lives easier. Of course, as with all types of procrastination, they pay for it later.)

Instead of building in the time for planning and drafting, they constantly put off their content homework for an endless stream of "more important" tasks. This only makes matters worse, however, because now the standard "it takes effort" part of the content creation process is compounded by the underlying stress of never making it a priority. 

So, this week, while I get caught up on some of my own post-vacation content creation -- I was smart and actually blocked the time out on my calendar -- I want to share a few of my favorite episodes so far that will help you break this cycle of self-imposed stress around content creation.

Because while you'll always need to put in the work, creating content can be a lot of fun -- or at the very least, immensely rewarding -- if you stop making excuses.

Until next week! 

The Episodes

"But I'm Not a Good Writer" (Ep. 7)

I invited fellow IMPACTer Kevin Phillips to join me in this episode to address one of the most common objections we hear from folks when we ask them to create content:

“But I’m not a good writer.”

If you’ve ever said that to someone -- or even just to yourself, as you stared hopelessly at a blank document your computer screen -- this episode is for you. Listen.

"But I Don't Have Time to Write" (Ep. 13)

After, "But I'm not really a good writer," a close second in terms of my least favorite content creation excuses is, "But I just don't have enough time, sorry."

So, if you've ever uttered that phrase yourself when someone from your marketing team has asked you to create content -- or you're someone who manages the content strategy in some capacity for your organization, and you've heard that from other people -- consider this episode mandatory listening.

"Copywriting That Makes People Feel Good" (Ep. 12)

Nick Usborne of Conversational Copywriting says copywriters and inbound marketers need to care about “neuromarketing, but we need to be careful. Copywriting that appeals to the emotions of your audience can easily backfire, if you activate the wrong types of emotions.

So, I invited Nick to join me in this episode to discuss what neuromarketing is, why it matters, what it means to tap into “feelgood chemicals while copywriting, and the fine line you can cross into thefeelbad realm. Listen.

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