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Vidyard GoVideo Spring 2019 Release: Honest First Impressions

Vidyard GoVideo Spring 2019 Release: Honest First Impressions Blog Feature

Vin Gaeta

Director of Web Services, 10+ Years of Sales & Marketing Experience, 12+ Years of Development Experience, 14+ Years of Project Management Expertise

June 10th, 2019 min read

Last week, Vidyard unveiled the GoVideo Spring 2019 Release, which was full of amazing updates and goodies.

If you’re not familiar with GoVideo, it’s a one-to-one video tool that allows you to create personalized demos, screen recordings, video messages, and more — easily and in minutes. There is a free version of the tool which is really powerful, and a Pro version ($80/month for five users) that gives you even more features.

GoVideo is extremely useful for adding that personalized touch to any email and helping to make sure your messages are received exactly as intended. Text emails and messages as a whole are easily misinterpreted because there’s no tonality or context. Quick videos can solve that problem immediately. That’s why it’s something we use a lot here at IMPACT, and the latest release has me super excited.

What You Need To Know

The Spring 2019 Release had a few major updates that are pretty useful. Here’s the quick list:

  • New free mobile app for iPhone
  • Video trimming and thumbnail customization
  • Native integrations with Outreach, SalesLoft, HubSpot, and others
  • Ability to create video templates and then personalize on-the-fly (Pro)
  • Enhancements to CTAs and analytics (Pro)

The two updates that stood out to me, as a fan and a frequent user, were the iPhone app and the ability to trim your videos after creating them.

The new iPhone app allows you to record videos anywhere, which is perfect for quick updates with a personal touch when you’re not in front of an actual computer and webcam. Plus, being able to trim the beginning or end of your video can help remove those awkward starts/finishes — making your videos a bit more professional.

Improved native integrations with the most popular CRMs and sales tools help to make sure that all of your video data and analytics are tied to your contacts for quick reporting and reviews.

The Pro updates are also really nice. Updates to the Pro analytics let you really dig deeper into each user’s video metrics, view data, and other information that can show you how to improve your messaging for the best results.

I’m most excited to start playing with the video templates that allow for on-the-fly personalization. Being able to pre-record a message, get it perfect, and then personalize the name so it’s easily reused can save hours each week and really streamline outreach campaigns.

Honest First Impressions

I want to preface this review with the fact that I seriously love GoVideo. Like, a lot.

I took a quick look at my stats inside of Vidyard (and the newly-released analytics view). Since we adopted GoVideo at IMPACT I’ve recorded almost 600 one-to-one videos!

Needless to say, I’ve been very excited for these new features to roll out. As a self-proclaimed GoVideo power user, the ability to trim off my awkward endings and easily add Calls-to-Action makes me extremely happy.

Once you record your video and navigate into the editor, the video will render fairly quickly and you’ll be able to trim it, as well as customize your thumbnail.

However, as someone who’s been using GoVideo daily, I noticed a sizeable increase in the delay between recording and being able to save an animated thumbnail — probably 30 to 60 seconds. For me, this feels substantial, as compared to the previous version, and is the only negative I've seen so far.

That being said, this feels like a fair trade-off when you’re editing a video on-the-fly, and you might be unlikely to notice if you are not a frequent user. But, it’d be great to see that improved in the near future.

The mobile app is AH-MAZING and extremely easy to use. I signed in and was recording videos from my phone in seconds. The app can also push notifications when a recipient views your video, which has been one of my favorite features on desktop — and now I can get those updates in my pocket.

Check out this Video

I haven’t played around with the templates for personalization or the new CTA tool just yet, so stay tuned for updates on those.

Overall, the GoVideo Spring 2019 release has definitely added some great features that I’ll be using daily, and I’m sure as iterations are rolled out the slight change in render time will be decreased.

If you haven’t used GoVideo, what are you waiting for? It’s free to get started and can dramatically improve your communications!  

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